Zealot Just a Flesh wound cmon man

Do the other classes have a private game only requirement penance? I have no friends that play Darktide so this one is gonna be a never complete for me. Pretty bummed because I have all the other zealot penances.

I get how to do it, build, and tactics and such. That’s not the part I am struggling with.

I was just a little surprised this “redacted” achieve lives on as now a requirement to get the 100%.

  1. Join the official Discord.
  2. Post a request for help in the appropriate LFG text channel.
  3. Play with strangers.

Do the other classes have a private game only requirement penance?

They did.

While i sympathize with your frustration with the requirement and the lack of friends, you should really try official discord LFG section. In peak hours there are a lot of lobbies in EU and America (not sure about Asia). Funnily enough, i just helped someone to do this exact penance yesterday.

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Thanks for the replies. I am just anti-social by nature so reaching out for help is like my nightmare lol.

I will suck it up and send a distress call on the discord (already a member and all).

I will get this penance if it’s the last thing I do.


We are gamers.

We hunt achievements.

FWIW, if you have a 2nd pc (you can do it via cloud client too), you can do a trial of GamePass and dual box (i.e. solo) it if you’re desperate.

You can do it!

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