Anyone for "weird" penances?

Those penances like “pushing 10 enemies into a fan on a specific map”, “killing both twins in between 5 sec”, collecting skulls, etc.

I guess at least 1 person should be enough, so we can launch private matches.

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Have you tried asking people? I got it done in a random Auric HISTG when I simply asked in chat. First try as well.
The regular auric crowd is generally alwys down to help for that. I’ve also helped a few people get it since


The goal is to cheese and forget those penances in a go.

Without spending time on an entire auric match per penance.

The goal is to get them without much effort and not bother doing and extra setups.

Which is why I said to just do in a random auric run you’re doing any way. I haven’t had to ‘set up’ a single penance map so far. You can get all of them naturally by playing tbh.

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So our goals are different, and it’s fine.

But if you are not interested in participating, you are not helping here either.

OP they’re literally telling you that you don’t need to have it set up in a private game. Just ask the other players in the lobby to help you out with them. Most of them will be cordial enough to agree.


Sure, but I am not interested, ok?

If you’re not interested in what this topic says, please move along :+1:

It’s not in “General Discussion” or “Gameplay Feedback” for a reason.

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Hey… so… still looking for Squad?


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I have already finished them, but I can help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s discuss it in DM :+1:

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