One last plea and I'll stop

Like many of you, I am working my way through earning penances.

I main Zealot. I love Zealot. Hear me when I tell you that…I love playing the Zealot class.

It KILLS me to know that I will remain at 57/60 on my Zealot until one issue gets changed.
I have been playing since Beta, and I have never/will never have any desire to complete “Just a Flesh Wound” -
That penance is silliness incarnate and the idea of attempting it after trying to find strangers to help me repulses me. (No need analyze that any more than that. My heart begins to race at the idea of asking strangers for help, it is anathema to me.)

So I ignore it, no big deal. But extra salt is that you are Gatekept from two other major penances. hence the 57/60.

Can we PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, re-evaluate at least the requirements for a private game? I understand the team is busy with bigger fish, but I am dying over here with how silly this is.

Super happy player here otherwise, play everyday, love it. but PLEASE lol.


What if we all group together to find you a great therapist to help you with you social anxiety?


I’d be humbled and might consider taking you up on it.


If you send me a PM we could hook up and I could backdoor (mmm :3) you into a ranked low intensity T4 with the magic of many more try mod. Bet we could finish relay in 15 minutes, very fast map if you disregard all side quests.


I will! I just do not want to put anybody out on my account, so no obligation on your part to follow through.

Ill send you a PM when I am off work and see when we can get on together. Thank you!!


Im kinda with you there. Its not about asking for help with me, but in the most kind and hopefully unoffensive way, I just dont enjoy interacting with people.

Iv made very few comments on youtube (I stopped using my old account years ago and only made a new one to upload music and streams, and only then because I got a smartphone that forced me to make a google account), dont have facebook, reddit, Twitter etc etc

That I enjoy these forums is, in my humble opinion, a testament to how awesome the peeps here generally are. I still lurked for a good while before joining in :face_in_clouds: I may disappear someday again. :dotted_line_face:

Good on you for facing your anathema! :star_struck:

every class has at least one penance that demands more coordination than you’ll ever get with puggers, you’d live a lot better if you just learned to accept it as something you have to occasionally try for on the rare promising mission.


I’m in a similar boat with the malleus monstronum penance for the psyker. It’s been the last one left for me to do on the psyker for going on 2 years now. I take issue with this penance for several reasons:

  • I have to do it in a private lobby, which means I either have to bother my friends or very kind strangers with this tedium. Neither prospect excites me.
  • I have to ask others to not play the game properly when a monstrosity actually shows up by not attacking it for completely arbitrary reasons.
  • It’s not actually difficult. It’s just tedious.
  • The penance itself unlocks another penance. That penance in turn unlocks another penance. This is silly and convoluted for no reason at all. Why do we need penances whose objective is to complete a penance? Penanceception is not the name of this game.

Who’s the penance person at Fatshark? Because I want what they’re smoking, except I would be responsible enough to not smoke it while I’m expected to come up with good ideas.

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Thankfully for me, I gave up on this stuff long ago.

I remember looking at Okri’s challenges and thinking “well thats a bunch of stuff I will never care to do”

If I get them I feel good, but most are literally just by chance. DT remains the same. Id list the things Id rather do instead but most of them are obnoxious or rude so I will leave it up to your imagination.

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It’s still crazy to me that this mod works to play solo flawlessly and people have even made mods to disable bots to create an actual full true solo experience, but Fatshark is still not letting us just pick that. Despite the servers for it clearly being there and the game not breaking if you turn off bots.

Absolutely crazy how little they value player agency despite the technical parts of it all working.

because it’s bad for the game as a whole. the first vermintide game had several mods that did this, and it quickly led to the game being “Dead”, because most of the people playing were either in solo games or using “private” games to avoid new players, meaning new players would buy the game play a few games by themselves, and lose interest. there’s a limit to how much “i don’t want to play co-op!” they can stomach if they want their online co-op centered game to turn a good profit over time.

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Ok but it’s literally possible and people are doing it yet I don’t see the game suffering. This is yet another one of those fully hypothetical, not actually occuring in reality “bad for playerbase” issues. In VT2 aswell, you can pick solo play all you want but that game has no issues filling matches. It’s just 4 people in a mission lol it’s not that bad to fill aslong as quickplay and the lobby browser work.

yeah, but in previous games, they weren’t having to pay for the server hosting of your private game. now that they have that (as was demanded) every match they’re not able to fill because of players blocking the other slots is a cost. this makes it bad for the game because if they manage to break into “we need to ask for more space temporarily to accommodate the extra matches” territory it can become pretty pricey.

Yet they still defacto do that when I and many others use a mod to do just that. That’s exactly whats crazy to me. The servers are there, I can play solo, Fatshark pays for the servers for me to do it, but it’s not an official feature.

Shouldn’t look a gifted horse in the mouth, i know, but it does confuse me

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