Private Only Penances? Really?

Currently, Darktide can not be played in solo mode and progress to these penances could be done within a public game before the previous update.

I can understand these penances being tied down to a specific difficulty (to lure players into trying harder difficulties for better rewards and resources) but having another limitation like this just doesn’t sit right with me.

Especially since [ Don’t Stop Me Now! ] could of been done very easily within a public game in Darktide if the right build was involved. An example of one build can be seen below:

Instead of having these penances being privatized like this, why not just make it into mission conditions that effects the current game?

>> [ Just a Flesh Wound ] would easily be glass cannon condition or a time trial condition to complete mission under these set rules. The trade off would be that all damage is increased by 100% at the cost of you permanently being below 25% health and having only one wound to use.

>> [ Head Honcho ] can be a weak spot only condition when a monster or an assassination target can only be killed only with weak spot damaging areas.

So instead of enforcing the player base to simply make a private game to grind out for these penances, you instead make mission conditions that forces new or reoccurring players that challenges the players in new ways


I have the same penance blocked cause of this decision I cannot understand…
Someone suggested it was asked by Reddit users… Such a good idea to check what redditors “think”. The vote system is something that hurts any discussion you can try to do on this support.
In fact, anybody that posts something, that is not in accordance with the general move of a topic, is downvoted.
Sure, you can see coherent opinions on this support… cause this is a place where you go when you don’t want a real discussion.

We don’t need adjustments like you propose.
We need that they revert the changes. This is a total non sense this move.
In fact, it only shows more than needed that the social tools of Darktide are bad… really bad.

im ambivalant to this , on the one hand a bunch opf penances ia dmitedly hadnt been trying to get i no longer can (by that i mean wont) which is a bit annoying , but on the upside should have less people begging to do stupid stuff for penances which will be a plus.

of course they could of made penances that didnt make you play like a idiot in the first place.

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They’d need to rework zealot for that to begin with.

Just another reason for me to ignore some penances all together. Its funny that Fatshark changed some penances, but refuses to modify others, and actively makes them even more difficult to complete. Some terrible design decisions across the board.

I keep in mind the decent penances, as these don’t go far from the actual gameplay experience, other achievements can go die in a fire.


Open a thread where you recruit people for these penances, if you do not want to use discord.

Ofc it sucks that these penances are private only (especially in case of the “40m charge with ogryn“ penance it makes absolutely no sense), but if you want to do them, this is how you can do it.

This. Find other people who want to do the penances on one of the community forums or apps and recruit a team. It’s a shame that Darktide, like so many games, doesn’t have a “Looking for Group” feature where you could just flag your lobby as “doing penances”.


Or we can ask them to design social tools…
They introduced restrictions that made them essentials without giving these tools to us.
Also, they need now to allow us to start solo games. So, they need to work on this and deliver it as soon as they can.

Or, the easy fix is that they revert the changes that brings nothing to the game. I can understand a system, like the locks, but here what does it gives to us? This is just an annoying restriction… This doesn’t even rely on something in the game cause… we don’t have social tools (or what we have is so bad that I cannot think that Fatshark consider that like social tools or… they are dumb). Discord is not an extension of Darktide. Forum is not also.

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Well what can i say…

I just gave some advice on how to do the private lobby penances.
You could search for a party on discord, which you do not want to use.
You could search for a party on this forum, which you are using anyway.

If you do not want to solve the problem yourself, although you pretty easily could,
that is on you.
If you do not want to solve the problem yourself, feel free to hope and wait for FS to change it back, or to implement good social tools.

The limitation to private lobbies is stupid (i already said that).
But if you want to do these penances any time soon, i suggest you make use of the options you have.

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Won’t loose my time on this… I won’t do the only one that I would need to do in private session (ogryn’s one). Problem solved.
Where it is sad it is cause it adds frustration for new users / existing players where there was no need to add more.

I don’t think much good would come out of social tools built by FatShark when Discord already exists. Improving their game is what I expect them to do, not building some Discord clone.

What would the difference be anyway? You’d be talking to the same set of people/players, just using a different interface.

“Social tools” doesn’t necessarily imply an entire external interface. It’s as simple as letting players form parties ingame after matches like in the Vermintide games instead of disconnecting everyone at the end of a run. That’s all it takes. Give players the ability to form parties through matchmaking. Problem solved.

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Oh, good point, thank you. I didn’t think that far.

It also shows that FatShark’s dev team doesn’t play their own game which seem to be a recurring issue with the development of Darktide.

Yep dumb decision all around.

So I basically cannot do my Zealot penance now for the armor because of Private. I am the only one of about 7 friends who started out playing this game left over with one logging in very rarely because they are my housemate.

This could have been solved by either changing the stupid penance, which it turns out I had completed at least 25 times through helping others in missions who had done there’s, however it wasn’t until the end of matches when they thanked everyone for helping that I even knew they were attempting it, I could have just rolled around on under 1 wound as well.

That basically says that it isn’t that much of an interruption to other players.

FS could also make it soloable if they want to be sooks that much about it.

OR FS could just implement the searching of available games, where people could simply have an option enabled to do these penances and if people want to join them they can because you could have an open lobby.

But the sheer lack of thought processing is absurd, and I am pretty much just about done with it.

Show’s they don’t actually care about the people who have been sticking around playing their game as a core base of players and they seem to keep wanting to chip away at this base until no one is left over.

I’m doing the sharpshooter’s penance which requires holding power for 20 seconds… And we can still witness the gamedesign genius of the thing.

In this case it is absolutely not blocked behind the squad game, but of course the absence of SOLO mode makes it absolutely infamous to achieve since it forces the mates not to touch any enemy in the area at all in difficulty 4/5 so that we kill absolutely all the mobs marked at regular intervals the time to validate the 20 seconds.

Imagine with a solo mode it would be doable in 10 minutes but here it’s rng land to have and the good mobs and mates who won’t demolish the map because… well that’s the goal of the game in fact!

So we once again congratulate the designer of this absurdity who said to himself that in a game where playing with bots is forbidden solo, it would be great to create new toxic penances that go against the very concept of teamplay!

I’m gonna take back my comments. I don’t have the energ to go poking around Discord servers, man. I’m tryna do the “Don’t Stop Me Now” penance for Ogryn, and it’s just ASS. I’m dreading the moment I have to do the one for Psykers and whoever designed the penances, then decided to make them private, should be ASHAMED.

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Psyker’s private penance is the easiest one BY FAR, don’t be discouraged.

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If I can just survive Don’t Stop Me Now from giving me an aneurysm, sure. Honestly, no other penance compares to the RNG hell.

Update/ I did it

It took a couple of tries, and the effort of finding a group to do it with, but I got it. Will finally start playing Psyker again tomorrow and do those penances!

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I already did all these, but even still I don’t like the idea of private lobby penances. I understand why they did it, but I just don’t believe it’s the best solution. Not everyone wants to go to Discord, and frankly the Discord group experience from my time doing it for some of these penances could be accurately described as “repurposed bovine waste” for all but one of those match ups. The pubs with zero communication were far better.

I think the problem penances that got locked into private lobbies should have their requirements changed to fit public matches. Change the requirements to something completely different if you have to, but let the solos have the choice to not use Discord, or be reliant on a friend group that may or may not exist.