Please Remove Private Game Restriction From Penances

As title, please remove the private game restriction from some penances. Why is it even there in the first place? Please go ahead and remove it.


People claimed some of them were anti-team work and ruined the game or caused trolling. I do think it was premature to do it before solo mode and better bots.

Your best bet is to go onto discord and ask for people wanting to do penances… Which sucks. Never in my life have I needed to do something like that for an achievement/cosmetic unlock.


They added it because the original penance for psyker was to blow yourself up and take 3 elites with you.

People were doing things like joining a game, over periling and then quitting. My advice is to join the darktide discord. Plenty of other achievement hunters out there.


That’s not the ONLY one, a majority of those were anti-teamwork and promoted extremely selfish or moronic play patterns. They deserve to be in private only, but Private matches need to allow solo play.

Fartshark KNOW they’ve been expected to drop solo private games as shortly after launch they claimed that it was either finished or nearly finished…

Granted, this was a time they were moderately communicative after community backlash for their silence… seems they didn’t learn anything or they took the WRONG lesson from the debacle.

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And will never do that just to play a game…
yes they should have waited to implement a solo game, they should.

As a result, I have ceased to try to complete penances after they made several private… (so many things that I have stopped to do in this game…)

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I got that one when I was a wee lass of a Vet trying out my first Plasma Gun. I overloaded it and suicide charged at a cluster of Elites/Specialists and got the Penance.

I also got another Penance that requires Volley Fire even though I was using Voice of Command with a Plasma Gun.

Oh, Plasma Gun where would mummy be without you? :kissing_heart:

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