LFG class penances

Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this, but I’ll try asking here as well to see if there is anyone interested in helping me do some class penances in the near future and of course I’ll try to help you too should you need it. (steam friend code is at the bottom)

I’ve completed all the sharpshooter penances so I’ll make a list of the one’s I’m missing.

For the -Ogryn Skullbreaker- I still need “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Heavyweight Champion”

For the -Zealot Preacher- I just need “Just A Flesh Wound”

And last -Psyker Psykinetic- I’m missing “Going Out With A Bang” and “Pick n’ Mix”

Any help would be appreciated and if it matters I’m located in EU.

Here’s my steam friend code 11052512

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Don’t seem like I can edit my post, but “Don’t stop me now” is complete, but I still need help with the others so feel free to add me ( my steam friend code 11052512 ) already found a few good people that are willing to help, but it’s hard to have everyone on at the same time to make a solid full group

Finished all the ogry penances now, so just the one zealot and 2 psyker left to do.

You can edit your posts.

Maybe try it on the Darktide discord server.
I did a few penances with people from there, around launch time.

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Yeah I saw that icon on my second post, but for some reason I can’t edit the main post, anyway I finished everything now except just a flesh wound on my zealot, which I believe is doable even with randoms on the right map

Thanks to some awesome people I finally finished all the class penances, since I can’t delete this post I’ll flag it and get it locked or deleted.