Penances stopped tracking back around launch

Not too long after launch some of the Penances just stopped tracking for me. I had hoped that with updates, and the Penance update specifically, that this would have been fixed, but I personally have had more Penances stop tracking. I have made a list of my known and newly noticed ones. Some of these got back to launch and some I have just noticed in the last few days. I was wondering he there is a fix I missed or if other steam users are having this issue too.

•Built Like a Tank(3)
•Prove Yor Worth(4)
•Help Everyone
•Clear the Path
•Cleave Them Down
•Touch the Void(3)
•Prove Your Worth(4)
•Power Up
•Shoot Fast
•Traitorous Collective
•Inquisitorial Legend
•Serial Killer
•Dodge This(3)
•War’s Not Over(2)
•Fight the Good FIght(1)
•Gone Bowling
•Don’t Stop Me Now! [pre and post update, that removed this from the Class section]
•Fight the Good Fight(1)
•Shocking Stuff
•Up Close and Personal
•Fight the Good Fight(4)
•Fight the Good Fight(4)

Some of these are odd to as I got most classes to max by running Malice difficulty. When the Penance update dropped I no longer had “fight the good fight” for some classes, but still have “complete a mission of each type on Malice” completed. This has become such a nuisance that I avoid playing the game, with many of the n̶o̶n̶-̶p̶a̶y̶p̶i̶g̶g̶y non-cashshop cosmetics being from these achievements. It’s to the point where I just don’t want to play when I log in after every update and it’s still not fixed for me.

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