Zealot Immolation Grenade

The fire needs to be a unique color so you and allies can see that it’s “Friendly Fire” that does not do damage. Although it is amusing in a PUG group to see people diving out of it or avoiding it in a panic…

But yeah, a blue flame or something. That way you know green or orange flame = bad. Blue = good. Also a “mix” should always look like danger. Only pure Blue = safe.


Isn’t it a bit more yellow?

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It is, but it’s still close enough that it triggers the fire avoidance reflexes. Doubly worse is if there’s real fire in it, then you can’t see that either.

Is it? Fire just looks like fire to me. The graphics settings you use also significantly change the appearance of these sorts of effects, which complicates it further.

I agree that it should be a totally different colour.

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agree, make it blue so we know it’s not damaging to us.


Yeah the flames are yellow coloured, and also lower than “regular fire” so that the dangerous fire will cover up the yellow one. But it’s not easy to tell the difference when there’s a lot of other stuff going on.

Making the friendly fire blue to match psyker weapons makes sense.


Yeah, it’s golden yellow, liky holy emperor’s light or something

Blue Promethium flames would work nicely I think.

It is seriously different

I have more difficulties with the flamer itself that I would like to see using the same color of the immolation grenade.

Its quite a bit more yellow and about half the height. But i agree with OP anyway, it needs a bit more white in the mix.

bro, the only thing you could mistake for immolation grenades is fire barrels, and even then there should be enough context for you in a situation to discern which one it is

The sound of exploding immolation grenades is quite unmistakable.

blue fire is best fire

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I can definitely see the color difference, BUT when the grenade explodes, the color of the explosion is the same color as the bomber grenade (orange-ish). Making the explosion the same color as the “holy fire” (yellow) would be enough to me.

This is the issue for me too.
The grenade detonation looks the same as a bomber grenade exploding, thus triggering dodge/run away reflexes.

Its yellow, because that makes explosions bigger. It is known.

It’s possible to tell them apart, but IMO there should be no room for confusion whatsoever. The flames should probably just be blue since that’s an unused color that is grossly different than existing flame colors.

A similar problem exists with pysker’s keystone ability where he needs to kill targets that are marked for death. The marked targets are highlighted with almost the same shade of blue as the player outlines. They should have gone with a completely distinct color.

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