Change the colour of the Immolation Grenades’ flames

Hello everyone,
I’m aware that this issue has been brought to attention before, but isn’t it possible to change the colour of the flames of the Zealot’s Immolation Grenade to differentiate them from the flames of the Bombers? It’s true that the Zealot’s flames are yellow while the Bombers’ flames are red, and the sound is different too, but the difference is so slight that it’s normally really hard to tell them apart.
I suggest making them blue, light blue or white.

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BUMP. Yes, please change the color of the flames. Even a blue-torch fire would be nice and distinct.



I love the yellow flames…
I will suggest something different… make bomber and barrel flames more red.

i like the idea “blue flame” is kinda confusing when mess ongoing with all burning ground

It tends to trigger my primitive reptilian brain reflex: fire = bad, dodge/run/survive.
So it can be confusing during the intense action. (even if it’s slightly less orange with different flames)

Of course it just a bit weird and convenient that we’re immune to our nade’s fire (but that’s the Emperor’s manifestation, right? ^^), but colors could be chemically altered if that must be a consideration:
Take your pick!
Greenish-blue, Blueish-green would make it look cool and instinctively more friendly, yeah?
(also no idea how color-blind people can handle it - flames shape I assume)

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what i don’t get is that the enemies already have green flames, so why not make all of the enemy flames green?

There’s a mod for it I think, but I could be wrong.

I think that the problem is most prominent when the bomb just starts exploding, because it is identical to all the other bombs in this instant.
I suggest or entirely different colour, or different animation to explosion

Lore reasons, I suppose. The Scabs use the standard flamers because that’s what they’ve been given, whilst the Dregs jury-rigged flamers that turn toxic waste into fire. I’m still all for more contrast between the Scab and Zealot flames for the sake of less accidental tiptoes into the flames - as long as the Zealot fire doesn’t turn out looking ridiculous.

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Also green is Nurgle themed. So there’s that too I guess.


Speaking of green fire, where are the Psyker enemies at? I heard Wolfer talking about “Witches” who are allied with the 6th in Mercantile :wink:

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Blue flames burn the hottest, don’t they? :thinking:

White flames should be the hottest.

You’re probably right on that… Emperor, I’ve forgotten basic Chemistry.

Edit: I looked it up and blue is hotter than white, but white is still cool.

Hmm, maybe I’m thinking of light emitted by burning metal rather than the colour of the flame itself.

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Magnesium would do that and a blinding white flame - that’s not what we want in DT though.
So something more lore-friendly and less realistic still melting heretics and not our own blessed bottoms ^^

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Burning retinas, one teammate at a time :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

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Yeah let’s enjoy the psyker’s purgatus party, mixed with the phosphorous/magnesium zealot’s nade AND flamer spray, fighting a tox flamer, dancing over a burning barrel/bomber AoE in a room and pop a smoke like it’s christmas :laughing:
I’m pretty sure FS VFX artists had to sweat testing nasty combinations already :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope they actually test them if they do. Still not sure how that one time that combination of effects for the Psyker surge staff got out to the live game.