Explosive vs. Fire Barrel Looks the Same

For the first 400 hours I thought exploding barrels were identical and it was a coin flip whether or not it would explode into a pool of fire or cause a forceful explosion.

The other day I was told they were actually different colors. Turns out, it’s an extremely subtle color difference between red and something red-orange. Red causes pools of fire, and red-orange is a forceful explosion. However, during combat it’s very difficult for me to actually tell the color difference, and my red-green colorblindness probably isn’t lending itself well to telling them apart.

Can these barrels (both the barrel-shaped kind and the high-pressure gas cylinder kind) be made more obvious as to what effect they’ll produce? Something more obvious and easily noticeable than a color, perhaps a hazard stripe pattern for the forceful explosion variety.


I can tell them apart but that sounds sick and very classic 40k

Is a pretty common color code for barrels in videogames.
Red barrel = fire
Yellow barrel = boom

Not that i am against making the barrels more distinguishable, but i already find them very easy to tell apart.
Is it possible, that you have a form of color blindness?

Pretty sure everyone would benefit from being able to tell these two barrels apart faster and better. It’s not like VT2 where fire barrels and explosive barrels had entirely different models and textures, but work with what we have.

Heck, Darktide does in fact have two entirely different and easily distinguishable models for explodey objects, but for some reason they elected to have both do both.

Oh lol didnt see.
I commented right after i read your claim of an extremely subtle color difference.

Well i don‘t know if Darktide has a colorblind-mode that helps with that.
But if it does not, i guess if colorblindness causes a difficulty with telling the barrels apart, adding a pattern like white stripes should certainly help (it could be an option in the settings, so that nobody has to complain about their immersion being broken by lore inaccurate white paint in the dark 40k hive city).

Maybe someone can make a mod for that.