A small request

Can the immolation grenade’s colour be changed to blue. I love using it and often see players jumping out of it or avoiding going into it thinking it will hurt them. Maybe if it’s blue it’ll stand out as different and I’d only have to spread the word that blue fire good, red/green fire bad.
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Blue might be confused with warpfire (lorewise). A more white color would help it stand out without seeming out of place lorewise with a blessed weapon of the Empereor.


Who cares? The enemy doesn’t use blue flame against us. The point is that there should be a blatantly clear declination between hostile and beneficial effects. After the atrocious crafting system, one of this game’s biggest flaws is how visually noisy everything is and how inconsistent and over-designed everyone’s appearances are with way too many accessories dangling everywhere like you’re making an appearance in a Where’s Waldo book. We’ve got shield ogrns mucking about in melee with bulwarks and steel legion veterans running around in damn near the same yellow coats as dreg shooters. Someone blew up a barrel and both the zealot and a bomber just threw some grenades. Everything is a mess and the player outlines are some garbage fuzzy light blue that doesn’t display very well instead of the crisp clean outlines from vermintide.

They need to start cleaning things up and one good step is replacing the flame effect with one that cannot be confused for hostile flames even if you’re color blind. Another problem is the psyker keystone that marks an enemy for death, except it uses nearly the same color glow to mark the target as the unreliable player outlines. At this point the only way that I con convince myself how this slipped past QA is that they simply didn’t do QA.

Gameplay wise sensible - lore wise not. My solution would be to have scab bombers and flamers use the same toxic green dreg flamers use - would be lore- and immersionwise better and have the same gameplay benifit.

Even just making them a green-yellow instead of the red-orange would well do the trick.


All suggestions are welcome! Whatever helps the team! So far the ideas all sound good to me! It gets the job done! :slightly_smiling_face:

Or just remove flamming barrels from the game :+1:

Wouldn’t mind getting rid of explosive barrels as well, mostly they help to kill teammates only.

Ah, it still looks the same as Scab Bomber flames…

How about white?


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