Zealot 'Feel Nothing' Talent timer bugged

Have you ever played as the zealot, surrounded by enemies taking hits to the face left and right and you use your ult to proc the 5 seconds of invincibility a few times, but suddenly the invincibility runs out while your still ulted and you die? Well I think I found out why.

In this video I recorded you can see what happens. The timer for ‘feel nothing’ and the zealots holy ferver both come up after I get hit enough times and the first time I ult it works great. BUT the problem is if you are getting hit enough times that you get another ult charge before the original 5 second timer ends and you use holy ferver again, the timers for both those skills don’t reset, and continue counting down from the original ult.

This leads to situations where you are getting curb stopped, you use your ult, 5 second timer starts, you take hits to the face, for 3 seconds, get your ult again and use it while the timer has 2 seconds left and you continue thinking you now have another 5 seconds of invincibility. But you dont, as soon as the original 5 second timer ends, even though you just ulted one second ago, your invincibilty ran out and you get hit and die.

This needs to be changed so the timers reset every time holy ferver is activated.

In the video clip you can see that I survive for more than one timer, but the reason is because I just so happend to use my ult as soon as the original timer ended, which seems to work. the problem is when you ult while the timer is still going.

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infinite invincibility is awful, this bugged state is better than it would be if it worked as expected.
instead they should remove any ult gain while invincible.
specify in tooltip of the talent and thats it

Thats an understandable view. I personally think that the risk of having to be surrounded by enough enemies to damage you consistently enough to get your ult back in 5 seconds and if you fail your defiantly dead is enough to balance it. But if one class being functionally immortal is too strong I could see a few options for changes.

  1. reducing the ult gain zealot gets during holy ferver, maybe by making it so if you have the feel nothing talent the damage that would kill you doesnt add to your ult bar(sort of like how IBs gromril armor works I think). but your attacks still do to make it a challenge to fill up quick enough.

  2. instead of the fix or the balance change just update the tool tip for feel nothing to say ‘can only be activated every 5 seconds’.

well i don’t think fixing minor bugs is the thing zealot needs right now, i much rather have fatshark look into his mechanics and eliminate anti-synergies.

as far as im concerned this is just another thing that got overlooked and has a too simple/misleading tooltip like many other things in the game. and as such i would ofc still welcome the change.

while i get that its a rare situation to find yourself in, so rare infact that even on normal cata conditions, it may be hard to recreate.
but in my view this invulnerbility is a failsafe, a mechanic to help you when its too much, and should not reward the player with another failsafe, that is bad design.

The fact that zealot’s passive fails constantly is bad enough.

What your experiencing isn’t a bug. Feel Nothing and by extension his baseline ult Holy Fervour are made from the ground up to be non refreshable, which is unlike most other abilities/talents in the game.

For example on Slayer Ult: If you ult and make enough ult charge to cast it again when you still have 3 seconds left on your original ult the 2nd ult will refresh the timer to 10 seconds again.

Vs on Zealot: If you ult and make enough ult charge (whether baseline or Feel Nothing) to ult a second time when you have 3 seconds left the timer(s) won’t refresh and it’ll continue as if you only ulted once at the start.

The reason why it’s done like this to create some form of human error during the window between end of your first ult and the start of your second ult. If that window didn’t exist and Feel Nothing was able to be refreshed while one is already being used it creates a scenario where the only thing that’ll end up killing you during a Feel Nothing Loop is being disabled and become semi immortal.

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