Zealot ult nerf?

(beta version) Noticed while playing Zealot last night it seems his ult was nerfed hard if you prematurely stop it salty will stand there for like 3 second and slowly bring his weapon up while enemies hit you (not blocking even while holding block) and remember his ult only last 6 seconds so you essentially waste half your ult. Also no longer staggers enemies when you stop right in front of them. Very curious why they chose to nerf this cause essentially pleasure from pain talent is now pretty useless since half your ult time is wasted. Any one have any ideas why? its not like zealot was broken. He just dosent seem very funny to play anymore

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That doesn’t sound like a purposeful nerf, but an actual bug. You might want to collect all the info you can and post an actual report for it. There’s a template for posts in both the Bug section and the Beta section that helps you to find and post the relevant informatiion.


Have you experinced this at all? Or is it a bug thats just affecting my game, Ill defintley post it in the bug section

Haven’t played on Zealot during the beta yet, so I can’t confirm anything at least.

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