Zealot - Combat Knife never unlocked

Zealot level 28, I have never seen a single combat knife and I believe my character to be bugged.

Honestly probably just shop RNG, extreme outliers like this are likely to pop up when there is zero RNG protection implemented in the game (its own issue obviously). Keep us posted if you continue to not see any.

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Level 21 Zealot here, I haven’t seen a combat knife in my shop either, and also believe that my character is bugged.

I love that by labelling this as “not a bug” they are in fact admitting that the shop is just a terrible system and the RNG screws people over.


Compared to loot boxes like we had in vermintide 2, the shop is better. However, we should get a “blueprint”, that we can use to create a white version of the item like we had in vermintide 2, because the rng with the shop screws you up sometimes very badly.

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Update: I created a new zealot, and did 1 mission on it to unlock the store and got the combat knife unlocked on my lvl 21 zealot! My zealot was made in the beta, so the beta to full game transfer may have done something with the unlock, so hopefully this will work for you aswell!

I disagree, as it is now I feel the loot boxes were better because you had a chance to get a higher quality weapon depending on the difficulty of the mission you played, and with the side objectives of books and loot dice from bosses. So your rewards was proportional to how well you played. (Plus you got 3 usually)

The true RNG nature of the shop means that you can have absolute garbage for hours at a time, or incredible weapons at like, 4am. There’s nothing proportional to your level of participation and ability. If they make it so there’s some baseline consistency on it then it could be better - but as it stand now, I think the loot boxes were significantly better because I felt actually rewarded for good play.

As far as we know, there isn’t any reason to play higher difficulties for better loot drops, but I’ve gotten a lot of oranges and purples from finishing missions by now. It would still be nice to have base weapon patterns to upgrade from. Darktide loot system feels more like a sidegrade than an upgrade or downgrade to me.

My friend didn’t see a Bolter until level 29. Sadly this isn’t a bug is a key mechanic that the devs consider fun.

Nice find, this solved the bug for me as well. Also a beta character.

I have now played the zealot for around 50 hours and so far have only seen 2 combat knifes total and that was right at the beginning and now I literally cannot get one. I am stuck with a ~230 combat knife right now while all my other weapons are 470+.

Bad luck I guess, but this needs to be addressed somehow. I hope the crafting system will be implemented in its fullest soon™.