Zealot and Psyker need more time

I feel pretty burnt out after levelling already however im not going into full release with the 2 weakest classes. Preparing for Ogryn/Vet lobbies and ammo problems over the next who knows how long. Psyker and Zealot arent completely useless they just feel miles behind in comparison. I never played the CBT however from what I’ve read and watched this is where they were strongest and since then for I dont know what reason both classes have just been hammered. Maybe I’ll just stop playing for awhile. Game can just sit in the steam library with the rest of the chaff.


I think the psyker being the strongest class was kind of an illusion because Brain Burst starts out as the only viable anti-armor option in the game, and the closed beta didn’t have ragers, only maulers, so without a psyker you were pretty much hosed.

They were stronger then than they are now, but I honestly think that the class in general just can’t handle enemies with a lot of health, because everything it does is a slow charge big attack, and the second that doesn’t deliver results it becomes crap.

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