Yet another list of suggestions from a player with hundreds of hours

Here are the opinions of yet another player with over 600 hours in DT after thousands of hours in Vermintide and Vermintide 2 and who loves the core gameplay and atmosphere.

My optimistic hope is Fatshark want to get get DT into a state that they can do something of a Triumphant “second release” on Xbox with a big marketing campaign; which maybe also coincide of a “soft rerelease” on PC with marketing etc.

But anyway. the usual Holy Trinity.

  1. The ability to play on any map, difficulty and conditions you want: even if this is limited to Private games if it would mess up the mission board too much.
  2. Shared Resources between characters
  3. 2nd Blessing and Perk slots being unlocked. - Personally I’m not too obsessed over perfect weapons but there is plenty of RNG in the modifiers and obtaining blessings as it is. There are now 77 weapons in the game and trust in your own diversity of options.

And of course
4) Once a perk slot is fully unlocked, then let us either directly select the perk or make it so all rolls are perfect and it goes in order if that works better with the interface.
5) Conversion between Diamantine and Plasteel.
6) Bots that use your loadouts and regain functionality they had in VT2.

Always have a High Intensity Damnation (sometimes with further modifiers) on the Mission board at all times. Perhaps also always have a Low Intensity Damnation as well for those dipping their toes in/want a more chill run. Maybe also apply this to Heresy and Malice.
Perhaps make High Intensity Damnation it’s own Quickplay button.

For a bit more of an extensive social rework so the Mourningstar can serve better as an actual social hub.

  1. Have different iterations of the Mourningstar Hub divided by difficulty so players are likely to be more interested in actually asking about for strike team members.
  2. Little minigames or somesuch for something to do in the Hub aside check shops. Preferably daft things you can play with other players.
  3. Having different tabs on the mission board for the different difficulties.
  4. Something like Twitch Mode from VT2.

Perhaps also special events that let you earn Aquillas for free would also be an easy way to lure people into playing at set times

Which would likely garner good will even without introducing any more archetypes, classes, game modes, difficulty, maps or enemies.