Xbox Patch notes

I’ve read the Xbox patch notes out of curiosity, and have noticed a clarification regarding Shade compared to the PC one ; as well as a couple of Engi changes that could be worth adressing on PC as well.

  • Fixed a bug where “Vanish” could disallow Kerillian the crit buff from “Cloak of Mist”.

This makes more sense than the obscure sentence we had, and also confirms that the ‘fix’ on Cloak of Mist (the first hit not being a guaranteed crit anymore) was not intended and is most likely a side-effect of that fix.

Changes to Engineer Challenges:

  • ‘Stout heart, Steady aim’ - Reduced amount of hits required to 12 down from 30.
  • ‘Targeting Array’ - Reduced the amount of required headshots in a row to 6 down from 20.
  • ‘I love the smell of black powder’ - Reduced the amount of kills needed from a single powder barrel explosion to 10 down from 20.
  • ‘Endrinkuli’s War Song’ - Reduced the time required to fire the crank gun in one activation to 40 seconds down from 50.
  • ‘Patent Pending’ - Removed requirement of completing all ‘Trial by Plague’ and ‘Proving Grounds’ challenges aswell as removing required completion of ‘Interception Barrage’.

I’m willing to bet some PC players are jealous of those. (I disagree with the last one though, but oh well…)

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Well, these changes just mirror the differences between the XBox and PC version as far as I heard. On XBox you have smaller hordes and fewer enemies (probably specials too). This is why you only need 10 enemies for the barrel and only 40 seconds for the crank gun.

Also aiming is a lot harder with a controller which is why the challenges for headshots and consecutive monster hits are reduced as well. Not sure if there is aiming tools integrated in the XBox version though.

But what !!

I pissed off doing all the outcast challenges !! Dozens of hours to see that! xD It’s too abused

Okay … now that I have all the challenges of the game … I am waiting for the new ones who will come with the elf. Hoping that it is less hard than the outcast

I thought it was something like that, indeed. Them 20 headshots though, I can hear the salt.

These are now live with the 4.4 Patch

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