Let’s talk Targeting Array

Right, so reading through the patch notes last night, I noticed that Outcast Engineer’s “Targeting Array” achievement was fixed…I suppose it’s my fault for not going ahead and getting the achievement when it was a reasonable amount of subsequent headshots, but can we maybe make penetrating rounds not automatically fail the achievement, or make it so it’s 20 headshots on elites on a map period?

Has anyone actually hit the 20 in a row since this patch was implemented? Does anyone else feel it’s a bit much or am I just bad?


In my opinion, twenty is just ridiculous. I’m really happy I finished it before the “fix”.


Unfortunately just somewhat usual completely tone deaf behaviour from FS. This is the kind of “fix” you might slip through without too much fuss if it were an actual Hotfix put out, like, a week after the OE update. But months later, after a very large portion of people have already gotten it the easier way?

Yeah really not a great idea, literally nobody likes the intended number for this challenge, shame they didn’t take the hint.


All’s fair in love and war. When it comes to some challenges in Vermintide, you’re better off spending your energy towards thinking like a rat and finding a creative way to beat them instead of grinding the obvious path, unless you specifically want that of course.

However, assuming you want to get this the “honorable” way and you have some friends to play with, it’s still relatively easy on War Camp’s finale. You’ll need 2 players to clear out the arena and distract Bodvar, and you’ll need a foot knight to knock the constant stream of Chaos Warriors around to give you easy headshots. It’s still a bit of a slog, but probably more reasonable than just jumping into a random map or a Vanguard deed hoping for the best.

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I bought this DLC on the day of release. But I haven’t even tried a new weapons yet. :hocho:

Moreover, I play constantly. #iFunny.

This is the kind of “fix” you might slip through without too much fuss if it were an actual Hotfix put out.

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This challenge has been beyond infuriating for me. There’s so much RNG going. I’m convinced just arbitrarily decided on it without actually playtesting it. Compounding the unfairness, people who already got it prior to the patch got to keep it and the engineer class frame is gated behind this (complete all the challenges).

Bots and team mates sniping the enemies, staggering them with their ults and bombs, sudden agro changes, even despawning and sudden animation transitions along with the inherent imprecision of the weapon make getting 20 consecutive headshots practically impossible. Even finding enough elites to do it on is challenging.

And then, some headshots don’t even seem to register as such. I still get the decapitation animations, but no sound effect and conservative shooter doesn’t proc.

Either revert the change, or make it “get 20 headshots on elites in a single mission”.


To be honest, this achievement is really frustrating. With the mechanism of masterwork pistol, it is extremely hard to do 20 headshots consecutively. I had 3 other friends who tried to help me accomplish this achievement by holding block for me, and I would shoot elites in their head when they were staggered by blocking. After hours of trying, we gave up. This achievement is simply a terrible example of game design. I don’t know who thought 20 consecutive headshots was a fun idea. I mean, does the person who created this achievement even play this game? The difficulty of this achievement is beyond reasonable. In the end, I accomplished this by using a cheese spot to freeze the elites. After finishing the challenge, I decided to register a FT account just to complain how bad this is.


What might this cheese spot be? I just wanna know for “research” purposes. I’m having trouble with this challenge

You don’t have to keep the gun out between the 20 shots. It’s not “20 consecutive attacks that also have to be masterwork pistol headshots”, just the next 20 shots you take with the gun have to be headshots. Take your time, it’s doable. Not fun, definitely, but doable.
Crouching increases accuracy close to that of a handgun.
Do it on Hunger in the Dark, sniping the stormvermin standing around, and finish it off on the troll while it is down.


I am definitely upset and disappointed with the challenges of this DLC.

The “Masterwork” pistol is a bad, imprecise weapon, and the challenges are hellishly demanding.

Especially such as “shoot a monster 30 times without missing” and “score 20 consecutive headshots on elites” - I still can’t do it, no matter how hard I try.

Same for the monster, by the way.
Lords do count, and you don’t have to do it all on the same monster ; as long as you don’t hit anything with the pistol between two monsters.
A troll is still the best choice for this, just don’t hit him while he’s down and he’s basically a dummy you have to shoot 30 times.
Crouch for better (if not excellent) accuracy.
I did this on the Skittergate, on a random Monster, Nalfghar, and Deathrattler. Take your time ; it’s annoying but doable.

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Wait a minute. I have a question: Challenge “Field Trials” (Complete a mission killing enemies only with the Crank Gun) can be done solo with bots …

…or not?

Yes but iirc you fail if you accidentally shoot a keg, the keg explodes and kills a rat, for example. Or if you push a rat off into oblivion.


Thx, good to hear that. :rat: I feel like I need to do this right now. Before it gets “fixed” in some way.

Anyway, Targeting Array “fixing” is epic fail. Now I will not repeat my mistake. Should fulfill the challenges at once on the day of the DLC release, do not postpone it for half a year.

Won’t argue with the latter part of that statement, but calling the MW Pistol bad is a big what my dude.

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It oneshots Stormvermin at Cata and Legend in close range. If you hit properly with the alternative fire you can potentially take out 6 SV from a pat in ~2 seconds.

It has to have some drawbacks.

With these bloody Challenges, I already hate this pathetic pistol. Finish this trash and I will never use it again.

In fact, in my solo games, in principle, it makes no sense for me and my bots to use anything other than long-range sniper weapons. This pistol is pampering and a toy. I can’t afford hilarious gunfights when the only one distant rattling or blightstormer is the End Times itself. This is understandable, I hope.

If it follow the “Convocation of decay fix” roadmap. This will probably be fixed in 6 months =p
But if not, you can still report as a bug (in the bug forum) the fact that the “piercing” makes the challenge probably too hard.

May be intended though. By the same token, the talent which gives each bomb both effects (frag and flame) serves as a double throw and makes the challenge where you need to throw 5 bombs at a monster a bit easier.

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