Targeting Array doesn't work

yesterday I tried to get the “Targeting Array” achievement as an engineer, I’m sure I managed to shoot the heads of chaos warriors 6 times in a row with a pistol (without switching weapons), but I didn’t get the achievement. To be sure, I did it three times and still nothing…

please help…

Hi @Maraddor,

Hmm, we haven’t received any recent widespread reports of this challenge not unlocking.

Perhaps you were just unlucky with your attempts :frowning: There are some useful player created guides online, I believe some recommend Stormvermin to be the easiest targets for this challenge.

We’ll monitor for any further reports just in case, but good luck on your next attempt!

I’m not quite sure how this challenge works exactly, but were you using armour piercing slugs? Perhaps if the shot pierces the target’s head but then fails to hit a headshot after the pierce it doesn’t count? That’s kinda all I can think of at the moment.

Doesn’t the challenge specifically mention consecutive headshot killing blows on elites? So unless you killed a series of 6 Chaos Warriors while only landing headshots you failed.

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