Xbox 1 error 0x82D40003

I will PM you some gamertags. Thanks for making the list. Looks like I’m going to miss another Sunday V2 session unfortunately at this point, but at least we have forward momentum on this.

Hello, I am having the same problem, my XB gamertag is “Neganix”.

Seeing as this problem is now two weeks old and counting, I’ve created a complaint thread here on Microsoft support:

Not sure what else to do. I strongly suspect this is a Microsoft problem, so maybe badgering Microsoft into fixing the store will help move this along.

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Hi everyone - could you see if this is still an issue in a couple of hours and report back to me, please? I say a couple of hours, as it may take some time for the changes to apply.

@FatsharkJulia (this is typed 7 hours after your most recent comment)
Unfortunately no, after downloading the 25GB update there has been no change and I receive the same error when trying to launch the game as I did before.

Gah, what a nightmare. Ok, back to Microsoft…

So sorry about all of this.

(8 hours in) To back up db1phantom, still not available. The game is still marked incorrectly as “Buy” in the online store, where it should be marked as “Install”. This indicates the old problem is still there (vice being a new issue).

Same thing here, not working. As @JohnnyInterfunk stated, the problem is most likely related to the issue that the game shows up with “Buy” instead of “Owned” in the Xbox marketplace. I too believe that the problem is mostly in Microsoft’s end.

I also noticed that now the Ultimate Editition in XB store includes Back to Ubersreik as well. I have bought the Ultimate Edition before Ubersreik was even released and this version of the Ultimate Edition is nowhere to be found anymore. So maybe the problem is caused because of this change / mix in the product IDs?

Hey I’ve got the same problem here, got the bundle a while ago for Xbox One and after the update i have been unable to play. Not only that when I tried to reinstall the game as I thought it was a error in the install I no longer have the ability to install as the xbox market place dosnt seem to recognise that I have all ready bought the game.
My user name is SoulRipper4598 and any help oradvice on how to fix this error would be appreciated.

Thank your for your time.

Same problem with the last update and i have a session of game this weekend :sob: (i use google trad)
For me the error code is: 0x803F8001

My gamertag: CRS Bayard

Thank you for the information all. The issue is in the hands of Microsoft’s Engineering Team at current - I’ll be sure to let you all know whenever we receive an update.

I appreciate you all providing your Gamertags, but I don’t believe these are required any more. When the issue is eventually addressed, it will be addressed for everybody experiencing the issue, irrespective of whether or not we have your Gamertags.

Thank you again, and sincerest apologies once more for the inconvenience. Admittedly I too am losing patience and want this to be resolved as soon as possible. :frowning:


Thanks for the update and your work on this!

On a side note, this thread is heavily used because Microsoft only provides two levels of support for game issues – talk to a “Microsoft Gamer” (a volunteer who really only runs you through the same script each time – i.e. do a full power cycle, reset to factory settings, etc.) and who has no real technical understanding of the issues; or the option to post on their community forums, which also is only populated by users and isn’t read by any official Microsoft employee. Outside of that, all avenues direct you to contact the publisher of the game. Clearly, Microsoft does not want to talk to me at all about anything, even if its a legitimate issue on their own storefront.

This is a terrible practice as its fobbing all the work they should be doing (they broke their system) onto you, who has to handle the tide of angry players on their behalf.

One of my past reasons to recommend Xbox over Sony was that they legitimately had good customer serivce in the past. It has really gone downhill as of late. I’d complain, but you know, see above…

Thanks to this bug, we’re going to miss the Double XP weekend and (much more aggravating) most likely the entire Montsdale event (of which we’ve been waiting over four months for to begin with).

Again, not Fatshark’s fault, but at some point its time for everyone to get a refund (and possibly switch to PC).

A quick update - Microsoft have responded to say they’ve identified the core issue, and are in the process of addressing it. They’ll let us know when it’s complete, and I’ll be sure to update you all here.

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I have made several attempts with MS customer service on this issue. They are not even able to reference their own case numbers to catch up on the interal history of my claim. They had me take photos of my xbox screen, while showing im signed in, then told me they could not see the pics I uploaded (and triple verified). Their customer service is absurd. The refund submittal was the same level of frustration after they denied me a refund. I have spoken to my bank and the next step is to dispute the charges.

Sorry to hear that @waterdread :frowning: what a nightmare. Microsoft were confident in their response to us earlier so I’m hopeful that we won’t be waiting much longer, but I completely understand if you’ve ran out of patience by now.

To me, this isn’t about the game. It’s about large hardrives holding 100s of games and then trying to figure out what is missing, then finding the paperwork, then not getting the proper support for what should be a very simple fix. Gaming industry is in no way ready for the challenges of VR, I won’t hold my breath.

Furthermore, I will continue to push MS on demanding the highest quality and regulatory standards across the board. That is a promise.

So, called again today (because what else am I going to do with my spare time…) This phone call worked out better than previous attempts.

So, this issue is indeed on the list of known Vermintide open issues (their ticketing system I’m guessing), verified by my customer supoprt representative. The issue wasn’t however on their daily known issues list (the one that gets sent to reps) – got the support tech to add it to this list so at least anyone else who calls in will have a support representative with information on the issue.

As waterdread did, my rep tried to get a refund/repurchase order in (though he might be able to do it as I’m a ten year customer with Xbox and have no refunds to my name during this time). Request was denied, as I’m guessing the upper engineers think they will have a patch “soon” and don’t want to start a refund precidence.

So, going to give it (aka calling them) a few days. If no patch by Tuesday, I’ll call back and heavily push the refund/repurchase option, as it wil fix the issue locally, so why not do it other than to save MS some accounting headaches? Which, by three weeks of this issue, will no longer be an excusable option.

In the meantime, I started this fun project:

Figured a daily post on this may turn some heads. Text was a bit more harsh than I probably should have typed, but this was before my phone call and I was not in a pleasant mood. I will be more polite going forward :slight_smile:

@JohnnyInterfunk vermintide 2 is working for me now, does it work for you?