XBO Server Error Always Occurring - NO LOOT

It seems to be a common thread here but Vermintide 1 doesn’t seem to be actually proceeding to a loot roll at the end of any levels whatsoever, it always errors out with a Server Error.

Now, in the past where this sporadically happened I would still get loot for whatever I rolled after I logged back in, however now this is not occurring… And the error occurs every game. This is making earning gear incredibly difficult to do.

Please fix this. Thank you.

Played a match last weekend on Verm 1 Xbox, and got server disconnect at the end of the level. Played one a while before that, and same thing happened. Xbox Verm 1 is broken.

even i am facing the similar issue from last 3 days.
9Apps VidMate.vin
I am getting server error repeatedly, it got connected one time but immediately the server got disconnected.

Any help? TIA.


here is the solution of this error,

  1. Reload the web page. …
  2. Clear your browser’s cache. …
  3. Delete your browser’s cookies. …
  4. Troubleshoot as a 504 Gateway Timeout error instead. …
  5. Contacting the website directly is another option. …
  6. Come back later.

thanks and regards. shareit vidmate

I played a round of Verm 1 on Xbox last weekend for the first time since my last post at the beginning of August. I actually got the dice game and loot for the first time in months. I don’t know if you did anything or if it was just luck, but here’s hoping it is fixed. My friends and I love doing Drachenfels stages during Halloween.

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