Xbox One Vermintide 1 Server Error

I have recently been playing Vermintide 1 on Xbox and often run into a server error when completing a level (at the Victorious screen) and am kicked back to the home screen. I have found this happens when I play with either random players or someone on my friends list. It appears that contracts still complete and XP is possibly given, though I’m not sure if it is the full amount. I also have no idea if any loot is actually earned since I do not get to roll the dice at the rewards screen. Do you know of a way to fix these errors or whether loot is actually provided when the server disconnect happens?

I do not have any disconnect issues playing other games I own. Restarting my router also does not appear to fix the issue. Any advice would be appreciated as this is a fun game, but the constant disconnects make it almost impossible to play for an extended period of time!

So I’ve done some more testing and I have no clue what might be the issue. I’ve tried both public and private matches while playing solo and I still get the disconnect to occur.

For reference: Today the first game was disconnected at the victorious screen. I then immediately logged in and loaded into the next game with a successful finish. The third game was again a disconnect at the end of last stand run.

he game has been like this for a few days now… I can’t even play it. I just got done fixing the problem with discord not letting me play it and now this is popping up. I think I played one match and since then I have just been getting this error.

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