Server Error - Cannot connect to game server

It appears this started sometime in the last 12 hours; multiple PC and PS4 players affected. Any help is appreciated.

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Can confirm. All people I`ve contacted from my Steam friendlist are also having this issue.

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As of Dec 3rd, at 23:54 hours, i can’t get into the game because of this error. After googling, I came across the forums and this topic. Maybe the game server is down. Since you guys too can’t get in, it looks like a server side issue. Maybe support ppl needs to restart it? I am glad its not an issue on my pc’s end at least, as I was starting to pull my hair out from frustration.
PS: I tried reinstalling, validating game files via steam, I tried fixes from these pages.

IN this one, the issue was resolved by the game support team sending some logs to their internet service provider.

Same for me on Windows PC, and two of the other friends that I was trying to play with.

I tried running the game and I can get in today. 04th Dec 2023. 18:00hrs at GMT+2 Thanks to whoever fixed it.

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