PS4 Issue

Cannot make it past the opening cinematic because the game keeps saying it can’t connect to ps4 servers. All my other games work and I tried wired and wifi among other solutions. I bought a copy for me and my fiance but neither of us can even play it alone or together.


Just thought I would add. Tried the second game and can’t even get to the title screen because error CE-33108-5. Tried multiple fixes for that as well and it still does not work. This is ridiculous. I spent over 100 dollars for both games and all their dlc’s for each of us and it doesn’t even work.


Finally got through somehow and has the same issue as the first game. After multiple attempts

Just signed up to say I am having the exact same issue in Vermintide 1.

Every single time I press ‘Start Game’:

“ERROR. There was a problem while connecting to PlayStation Network services. Please verify your internet connectivity or try again later.”

This has been happening for days.

I quite literally cannot play the game.

No other game I own fails to connect, so it’s the game that is at fault.

No company that gave a single iota of care towards their fan base (or their own reputation) would allow this to continue, right? This will be fixed shortly, right?


Exactly the issue in both games for me. I am hoping they will fix it within the week. The only reason I haven’t refunded yet is because ps4’s refund team can be tough to deal with.


Same thing for me just bought the game at GameStop for 10$ butttt bought the 30$ with all dlc so 40$ I’m not happy

Got these to convince friends to play dark tide. One of our players hasn’t been able to get in once (he got it this week).

The lack of communication from the developer has made us all think this isn’t going to get fixed. In trying to convince friends dark tide will be good it seems they are all now convinced to not buy the game.

Really disappointed.

Just signed up to report same issue
Past 2 days been unable to get on so frustrating considering I just bought the last 2 dlc I was needing and me and my friends jus bought veemintide 1 and 2

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I contacted one of the PlayStation ‘help’ accounts on Twitter to let them know about the issue.

Their response claimed that it was actually an issue on their side, not Vermintide’s.

They stated that they are currently “experiencing issues with game servers at this time” and that they are “looking to resolve these as fast as possible”.

Here is the link they provided me with so as to stay up to date with the state of their servers:

Click the link above and you will see that there are ongoing issues when it comes to ‘Gaming and social’ services. Thankfully they’re aware and are working on it.

So for now I would recommend holding out and seeing if Sony can fix the issue from their end in a timely manner. Vermintide really is a great game and it’d be a shame not to experience it.

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Thanks for the update. Doesn’t shock me it is on Sony’s end. That makes it more shocking to me that the issue hasn’t been resolved yet though. I will give it a week total then ask for a refund.

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In the mean time while we wait for them to fix v1 I’m playing v2 .my ps5 name is iTz_Bru7aLz looking to play with people.

V2 is busted for me too. Can’t even get past the main menu. Enjoy. Hopefully some others have it working.

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Just managed to sign in on my first attempt, however the PS services still say they are experiencing issues so don’t expect a similar result for yourselves.

In the two days prior to first posting here I was also able to sign in occasionally amidst all of the ERROR codes.

So even though I don’t think it’s fixed yet, it might be worth trying once a day.

A potentially final update:

The PlayStation ‘Games and social’ services seem to fixed now.

I am able to play Vermintide and I have read that many of the other games that were affected are also now ok.

Everything should be good.

Yup just got mine to work !!im looking to play with people since v1 really doesn’t have any lobby’s .my GT is iTz_Bru7aLz

V2 seemed to work fine for me last night ?

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