Unable to play the game due to the "Cannot connect to the game server" error

I start the game (doesn’t matter if it’s from the launcher or not), I skip (or wait - doesn’t matter) through the logo videos, then a loading screen appears for ~7 seconds and I get this error:

I’m not using any mods.
I’m using stable branch (that is - I’m not opted into any closed/beta test).
I tried doing Steam->“verify files”, followed by complete uninstall+reinstall, that did not help.
I checked my firewall settings - vermintide.exe isn’t blocked there.

My friends can play the game just fine, which is why I thought it’s something on my end.
Or is it?

If I open latest log file from “%ROAMING%\Fatshark\Warhammer End Times Vermintide\console_logs” and search for “error”, I can find these results:

Excerpt 1:

12:42:29.139 [Lua] [Backend] Changed state from connection_authenticated to connection_entities_loaded
12:42:29.140 [Fishtank Plugin] BackendSession.item_server_script( qnc_get_state_3 )
12:42:29.151 [Window] Window => inactive
12:42:29.655 [Window] Window => active
12:42:33.437 [Lua] [PackageManager] Finished loading asynchronous package: resource_packages/ingame
12:42:33.437 [Lua] [PackageManager] Force_load: resource_packages/ingame
12:42:33.440 [Lua] [PackageManager] Queueing new asynch package: resource_packages/pickups
12:42:36.431 [Lua] [PackageManager] Finished loading asynchronous package: resource_packages/pickups
12:42:36.431 [Lua] [PackageManager] Force_load: resource_packages/pickups
12:42:36.432 [Lua] [PackageManager] Queueing new asynch package: resource_packages/levels/ui_profile_selection
12:42:36.447 [Window] Window => inactive
12:42:38.828 [Window] Window => active
12:42:39.244 error: [Fishtank] [REST_TRANSPORT_CURL] Failed request: (52) Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)

Excerpt 2:

12:42:39.472 warning: [Lua] "[DataServerQueue] Backend data server error
script: qnc_get_state_3
error_message.details : ItemServer failed creating loot [1]

Excerpt 3:

12:42:39.473 [Lua] [BackendManager] adding error: data_server_error ItemServer failed creating loot [1]
12:42:39.473 [Lua] [BackendManager] Showing error dialog: “data_server_error”, “ItemServer failed creating loot [1]”
12:42:39.473 [Lua] backend error data_server_error nil
12:42:39.473 [Lua] PopupManager:queue_popup: Cannot connect to the game server, please try again later. Server Error button_quit Quit Game

Complete log file:
console-2019-12-10-05.41.56-6552D274-ACD6-4486-A0E1-70A3.log (42.7 KB)

Seeing those numerous “server error” messages makes me think that it may be not a client-side problem after all.

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Nine months later I still cannot play the game because of this error.
Can I please get an assistance? @Fatshark_Hedge?

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Try sending a private message. Just click on your profile icon in the top right corner and click on the mail feature. When you type in @Fatshark, a list of names should appear. Julia, Hedge, and Lev are all customer service representatives.

Submit a support ticket from here:

I hope you get your problem resolved but Fatshark hasn’t made any updates to the original Vermintide since 2018 unfortunately.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve contacted them via this support form, and received a following reply:

Unfortunately, what you describe is a known issue in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, but due to all resource being dedicated to Vermintide 2 we have yet to be able to solve it.
<snipped> we don’t know when this issue will be addressed <snipped>

So it looks like the problem is indeed server-side.
Because I can’t do anything about it, I guess I’ll have to give up on V1 for some time.
Hopefully Fatshark will come back to it at some point (to finish modding support, for example).


Let’s hope!

I encountered the same bug in Feb 2020 and with the aid of my friend I was able to fix it through a hacking process. The cause of the bug is this:

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Thanks for the info, but how exactly did you “used a temporary fix that allows me to get into inn and salvaged a fraction of my items”?

I can refer you to the player who made the fix. There are some .dll files modified from QoL / VMF that delete the quest and contract data before the game retrieves those data from the server, so you can get into the inn. After that you will need to salvage most of the items that you don’t want to keep and hope it is below the overthrow limit.

This fix works fine on me but fails to work on another player. It seems to depend on the version of Microsoft Visual C++ / Studio. It is better for the maker of the fix to calibrate things for you.

I see. That sounds pretty complicated.

Thanks for the offer, but I’m not really comfortable about fiddling with .dlls, especially since it’s player-dependant stuff.

Is the source code for those .dlls and those modifications open source? If not, can you post it here or on Steam forums, along with instructions? If not for me, then maybe it’ll help someone else, seeing as how this problem isn’t that uncommon.

I did some lua modding using the QoL modpack but I am not as good as the other player. The .dll file should be just a modified version of the lua injector used in QoL, and it calls some function in the quest board DLC (I will need to find that out since that was a while ago) earlier than what QoL normally loads the mods.

Anyway, from my experience and the other victim of the bug, without using any fixes we have a chance of 1/20~1/50 of successfully getting into the inn. (Well, these 2 are the only 2 samples we had.) If you want to try your luck you can get into the inn this way and start salvaging items. For the record I believe I had more than 4000 items when the bug happened, and with my inventory counting mod some player reports to me that having 3500 items doesn’t trigger the bug. Nevertheless it maybe type-wise overthrow instead of the total number of items but we never tested it.

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