Unable to play the game due to the "Cannot connect to the game server" error

I start the game (doesn’t matter if it’s from the launcher or not), I skip (or wait - doesn’t matter) through the logo videos, then a loading screen appears for ~7 seconds and I get this error:

I’m not using any mods.
I’m using stable branch (that is - I’m not opted into any closed/beta test).
I tried doing Steam->“verify files”, followed by complete uninstall+reinstall, that did not help.
I checked my firewall settings - vermintide.exe isn’t blocked there.

My friends can play the game just fine, which is why I thought it’s something on my end.
Or is it?

If I open latest log file from “%ROAMING%\Fatshark\Warhammer End Times Vermintide\console_logs” and search for “error”, I can find these results:

Excerpt 1:

12:42:29.139 [Lua] [Backend] Changed state from connection_authenticated to connection_entities_loaded
12:42:29.140 [Fishtank Plugin] BackendSession.item_server_script( qnc_get_state_3 )
12:42:29.151 [Window] Window => inactive
12:42:29.655 [Window] Window => active
12:42:33.437 [Lua] [PackageManager] Finished loading asynchronous package: resource_packages/ingame
12:42:33.437 [Lua] [PackageManager] Force_load: resource_packages/ingame
12:42:33.440 [Lua] [PackageManager] Queueing new asynch package: resource_packages/pickups
12:42:36.431 [Lua] [PackageManager] Finished loading asynchronous package: resource_packages/pickups
12:42:36.431 [Lua] [PackageManager] Force_load: resource_packages/pickups
12:42:36.432 [Lua] [PackageManager] Queueing new asynch package: resource_packages/levels/ui_profile_selection
12:42:36.447 [Window] Window => inactive
12:42:38.828 [Window] Window => active
12:42:39.244 error: [Fishtank] [REST_TRANSPORT_CURL] Failed request: (52) Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)

Excerpt 2:

12:42:39.472 warning: [Lua] "[DataServerQueue] Backend data server error
script: qnc_get_state_3
error_message.details : ItemServer failed creating loot [1]

Excerpt 3:

12:42:39.473 [Lua] [BackendManager] adding error: data_server_error ItemServer failed creating loot [1]
12:42:39.473 [Lua] [BackendManager] Showing error dialog: “data_server_error”, “ItemServer failed creating loot [1]”
12:42:39.473 [Lua] backend error data_server_error nil
12:42:39.473 [Lua] PopupManager:queue_popup: Cannot connect to the game server, please try again later. Server Error button_quit Quit Game

Complete log file:
console-2019-12-10-05.41.56-6552D274-ACD6-4486-A0E1-70A3.log (42.7 KB)

Seeing those numerous “server error” messages makes me think that it may be not a client-side problem after all.

Nine months later I still cannot play the game because of this error.
Can I please get an assistance? @Fatshark_Hedge?

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