Another one “Cannot connect to the game server” error


I can’t log into the game for over a week because of the “Cannot connect to the game server” error. Sometimes I manage to enter the tavern, but after ~20 seconds the error repeats.

Has anyone encountered such a problem?

All the steps I have already done:

  1. Completely reinstalled the game, removed the mods; temporary %appdata files deleted;
  2. Checked the integrity of the files;
  3. I wanted to update all the necessary libraries (dxwebsetup, vcredist) but this was not required, all versions are the latest;
  4. The game has been added to the firewall and antivirus exceptions;
  5. Flushing DNS with the ipconfig/flushdns command.

6. I don’t use VPN;
7. Hamachi is installed, but its network is disabled and has never interfered with other games;
8. Rebooted the router.

Also also:
9. There are no more than 100 items in the inventory;
10. No problem with daily task board bug was found.

I don’t know what other steps I can take. I surfed the forums for technical support for the game, but I couldn’t find a solution to the problem in any topic.




Fatshark Support answer:

Hi Romwald,

Sorry to hear this. We are unfortunately no longer supporting Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide due to all resource being dedicated to Vermintide 2 and Darktide at current.


Please accept our apologies for any disappointment, and Happy New Year to you too!

Fatshark sells the game at full price, but if there is a problem on their side, they won’t help you.

Ok, guys.

I installed the game again which caused an error and wanted to get the log file.
To my surprise, the game launched normally, and I played for 3 hours waiting for an error. And then I played 50+ hours and the game crashed only once, due to the Steam connection.

I didn’t do anything, it just worked :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It’s too bad that I never found out the reason, because it could happen again.