[XB1] Common Crash in Update #21

We are aware of an issue with a crash affecting many users in the latest update. We’re fixing the crash issue right now, but in the meanwhile there is a workaround.

NOTE: This workaround will not work for OFFLINE PLAY.

If you play ONLINE, you can go to “Manage game & add-ons” in the xbox dashboard -> Go to the “Save Data” tab and select the icon with our logo and your name on it -> Press start/options and select “delete save data” -> Select “delete everywhere”.

This will reset all your settings within the game but won’t affect your progress at all since it’s stored in our backend.

To reiterate; This only works for online play. Doing this workaround WILL REMOVE YOUR OFFLINE SAVE . We are working to resolve this without the need to delete the local save, so please hold tight if you wish to keep offline progression intact.

We will update here when we have information on the hotfix.


Work around is effective, can confirm.

Tried deleting the save data, but I still crash before seeing the loading screen for Taal’s Keep. The “V” spins in the corner for a second or two, then the music sputters and the whole thing freezes. Has happened the same way before and after deleting save data, several times.

Edit: I let the game sit for a bit before trying again (deleting save data once again). This time it got past the Taal’s Keep loading art, played the sound of a weapon being equipped, but then froze right before the character select screen.


Tried multiple times with my one x, does not work

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I delete my save data and hard restart the Xbox and still the game crashes, workaround does not work for me.

Not effective here. Disappointed.

It does not work and if I lose my save data I’ma be pissed

This does fix the fact that the game crashes at load in.

However weave 41 is UNPLAYABLE!!! As soon as you go through the first door the game crashes for the whole party. This has happened five times in a row.

W T F.

It did not work for me, unfortunately. I tried it twice.

I also tried a hard reset and that was not successful either. I am now reinstalling the entire game plus add-ons.

I bought Shadow’s Over Bögenhafen last night before bed and was looking forward to playing this evening, so hopefully this works. I will edit this comment with the results once I finish installing everything and test it out.

Boys, you must push start button on your saved game of Vermintide 2 and “delete everywhere “ and delete also the other file.

I have done it. You don’t loose the savings of the game except the options you could have personalized. The saving file is on Fatshark server.

I hope to help someone.

Fired up my xbox a few mins ago and there was a patch. I installed and the game loaded. Thanks for the patch!

Its thats the case I’m in real trouble. Got a group going up the Weaves right now and we’ll probably hit 41 in two weeks (aka, not next session but the following)

I assume you reset back to 40? I wonder what other weaves broke in the meantime…

Still can’t get through weave 41 due to the game constantly crashing. Did weave 1 since it’s the same map and it has the same problems. We’ve resorted to having to pull the entire map back to the spawn point, but it’s causing crashes.

I’m having for the first time texture lag problems on the bag guys, is this because of the new update or something? Please help?

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We know about this and have fixed it internally. It still needs a little more testing before patching but we’re on it


Just verified: Weaves 1 and 41 are crashing in the second area.

(Only had time to test one other, Weave 6, aka not a Heavens/Lightning Weave. That one worked from start to end without crashing. )

Thank you. I’m glad to see y’all are working on it!

We were able to finagle our way though 41… 42 is the same mess :frowning:

Hmmm, 6 was fine. I wonder if its just the Heavens Wind maps that are causing this.

Won’t have time to test until this weekend, but if anyone else is seeing these problems, report here so we can et a running list…

I think so, though I’ve only played 3 modifiers so far. Exploding balls (8), fire (31) and lightning (41/42). So far only had crashes in the two lightning levels.

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