Xbox One version constant crashing

My game won’t even load into the character selection screen before it crashes anyone else having the same problem?

Not quite that bad but a little worse. Had one crash following the prologue and on character select screen.
Now I’ve just had another in the statue room in Act one Righteous Stand after ringing the bell.

Progress lost. Not bothering to play any more until I see someone is working on this.

Oh great so the team are going to be spending more time fixing this version of the game, before presumably porting it over to PS4. The game used to crash like OP on PC for me, try loading in with the default first rather than switching at the title screen. Then change to who you want in the keep…

I guess it depends on how many reports come in and how serious they factor it.

It’s bloody annoying though as I booted up and was really loving it. Boom. Crash.


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