Drachensfels xbox

Thanks for the announcement and patch notes for this update as soon as i find them.
i download it and i launched the game and guess what ?
my game crashed even before loading into the lobby…Well done
Needs a HOT FIX !!!

Hi @DiaBloS-LUFFY!

We are aware of the issue with the crash and are working on a fix. The patch notes will be posted on our website shortly.

Meanwhile, here is a workaround for the current crash -if you play ONLINE-:

Note: This workaround will not work for OFFLINE play . IT WILL REMOVE YOUR SAVE


If you play ONLINE , you can go to “Manage game & add-ons” in the xbox dashboard → Go to the “Save Data” tab and select the icon with our logo and your name on it → Press start/options and select “delete save data” → Select “delete everywhere”.

This will reset all your settings within the game but won’t affect your progress at all since it’s stored in our backend.

To reiterate; This only works for online play. Doing this workaround WILL REMOVE YOUR OFFLINE SAVE . We are working to resolve this without the need to delete the local save, so please hold tight if you wish to keep offline progression intact.

i’m currently reinstalling the whole game. I’ll see after that.

By the way i did what you told me and it’s working great.
last question where is the community challenge portrait ?


Hi I deleted my save but still not working
Do I have to reinstall game

It’s working thx fatshark

Just adding a bit more info (though its probably redundant at this point) – reports on TrueAchievements are indicating the exact same problems listed in this thread .

Added a post to the V2 forums with the news and the online fix: https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?mpid=113807

Let us know when the permanent fix goes live so I can pass the word along.

We will of course keep you posted here on the Forums when there is a fix going live! :slight_smile:


I would like to up-vote a hotfix for this, please.

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Title update trophies/achievements added for Drachensfel ???

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