Crashes after completing level, after victory symbol

Several times now in the wastes I’ve completed missions and challenges, not the least of which is killing the grudgemarked Minotaur with bots on my offline campaign.

I see the victory symbol, the screen goes black, it is supposed to send you back to the map…only it crashes. For no reason.
Kicked back to home screen, all challenges that had been accomplished are gone, no progress, all coins gone.
CONGRATS, you get to start a new mission with zero coins and likely a boon immediately as soon as you enter a level that you cannot possibly buy.

This is trash.

Every time you collect the first days daily rewards while playing offline, the game crashes.

If you get chain lightning on lost city of mazarak and you finish the event, the game crashes before you can enter the portal.

This is trash.

If you can’t stabilize your game in the wastes the least you could do is start off with 200 coins on the first mission.

And it would be nice if you didn’t lose your challenges after you’ve entered the portal. I cannot stress this enough.
This is so f’n infuriating.

Where are the hot patches?
We use to get them,
Waiting 6 month or a year for bug fixes drives a wedge between the player and this game.
Was nice when the “acknowledged” actually meant that someone was going to address the issue and not have it just fade into the abyss.

If you think that is harsh, I’ve been trying to get the bot revive patterns adjusted for over 3 years, so the pessimism is justified.

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Please send me your GamerTag and I’ll make sure these crashes are on our radar. Thank you.

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Like here or in a direct message or something?

This crash cost me 3 challenges.

Had the Minotaur grudegemark kill,
Shall not pass,
The awakening of the woods.

Well 2 of those are fairly easy, the grudge is not.

Lightning strikes are still a problem.

I’m unable to locate your crashes in our database unfortunately, but I’ve raised this with QA for investigation. Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

That’s because I’m playing on the offline file.

I will dig through my captures, to find examples.

While on offline, if you have completed collecting the 8 days of coins, when you collect the first days coins of the new week, the game crashes every single time.

Off topic but this happened.

Buy chain lightning…no enemies, game crashes seconds later.

Post portal crash

Even after the shade and sister update Lightning strikes from tzench still crash the game.

That’s unfortunate - I’ve informed our Console Developers. Thank you for letting us know.

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