XBox One: Chaos Wastes always crashes at end of Expedition

Hello there, longtime player on Xbox One. I’m really enjoying Chaos Wastes, but at the end of the expedition, doesn’t matter if win or lose, the game crashes. So far in 100% of expeditions I’ve played (15 to be exact).

Always the same way too. When it’s a win, the icon for “Victorious” will show up and the game will freeze and crash. When I loose, the blood spatter appears and the game freezes and crashes. No error message shows up, the game just closes and I’m back in the main menu of my Xbox.

I am playing completely in offline mode, never played online, if that info helps.

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Sorry to hear this. Could you PM me your GamerTag and I can see if I can locate your crashes please?

I’ve been having an identical issue on an xbox series X, thanks for looking into it. My username is Eatencheese#1984.

Same crash and all, we’ll have it resolved in our next patch. :+1:

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