Chaos waste weekly

Issue Type (Required):

Chaos Wastes

Issue Description (Required):

Chaos waste weekly is now crashing after skull event ended today.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

After starting the chaos waste weekly as soon as you load into the first map it does a hard crash.

Level Name (Optional):

[Chaos Wastes] Holseher’s Tower

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

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Uh-oh, we’ll check this out. Thank you for the report!


Yeah, logged on to do CW weekly event and I get about 2 mins into the map and it crashes, happens to both the missus and I as the host, Xbox Series X, GT: RebornPasture.

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Thanks for the fast responses guys :+1:

Its now gone from crashing right when you load into the map to crashing when you use your ult or drink a potion lol not sure if its to do with the skull event ending but ive talked to about 20 people on xbox that are having the same issue on both old and new gen consoles.

Gt: BambiDGAF