WS - Vaul's Quiver Talent - Possible Bug

Issue Summary:
Waystalker regenerates ammo even at full health.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Select Vaul’s Quiver talent
  2. Spam arrows
  3. Regenerate arrows regardless of health status

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
Vaul’s Quiver talent clearly states, “Amaranthe also recovers arrows each time it restores health,” BUT waystalker recovers arrows even when her health isn’t being restored by the Amaranthe passive health regen.

Here, I’m at full health with zero arrows:

One minute later, I have 20 arrows (regenerating 3 arrows every 10 seconds). I had full permanent health the whole time.

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It doesn’t feel right to regenerate arrows when my health is completely full. It clearly says it only restores arrows when health is being restored by passive ability.

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It’s been like this since day one? I dunno if it’s an actual bug… Would be pretty much useless if it only regen’d arrows with HP. HP recovery only kicks in below 50% HP. Also, it’s 1 arrow every 10 seconds as far as I know. You’re saying you were getting 3 arrows every 10 seconds?

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Yes, I was getting 3 arrows every 10 seconds and ended up with 20 arrows after 1 minute. I timed it.

The talent says that it recovers arrows on restored health from her passive.

That’s why I think it’s a bug.

kek, after speaking to my lvl 1400 elf main friend XD it turns out you are correct. I didn’t know you were using a swiftbow and as I haven’t used one in months, didn’t even think about it. Here’s the regen table,

swiftbow = 3
longbow = 1
hagbane = 1

They say fixed (instead of changed or rebalanced) but the game still clearly states the original intention of Vaul’s Quiver:

Amaranthe also recovers arrows each time it restores health.

@ShellaSunshine the thing that is wrong is the tool tip. No matter how much I dislike the mechanic and it breaking of the original intention.

Note that Amaranthe only recovers health up to 50%. (in case you got confused by the patch notes)

I was not confused.

If it was indeed not a bug then they need to change the description on the talent.

It clearly says recovers arrows each time it RESTORES HEALTH.

They need to put it back to where it was because it’s absolutely ridiculous to regenerate arrows at full health.

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When they changed WS passive regen to cap out at 50% hp, the talent ended up feeling really bad as it would rarely tick. To make the talent useful again they changed it to current functionality, where you get arrows even if no actual health is gained, but they forgot to update the tool tip to reflect this.


Yea, fair enough. Just saying it’s been like that since nearly day 1. The game was officially released March 9th I think? And those patch notes are from March 15. I don’t think editing the info on talents is a high priority for them, considering they are still trying to roll out the content from the road map. Which was supposed to be fully released by the end of April at the latest. Not to mention their was a thread recently about spelling mistakes in the talent info that’s been there since pre released beta xD

This is not a bug, but intended. And frankly I feel OP knows this and just wants to get it nerfed.


You can hit report right there bro if you think he broke the guidelines or mute him on your profile no need for any of this it does not belong here in any way.

I don’t know why you both over react just chill. :smoking:

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Ah well, was just hoping to get some answers. I went ahead and reported from my profile and deleted my post in this thread. Just seems pretty toxic that people are going to start reporting people for replying to their threads, and especially since he’s going to report people for harassment. What’s the point of even having a forum if you don’t want people to respond to you? Just post on your own private discord then.

Passed this on, thanks.

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