Waystalker with Rejuvenating Locus does not benefit from Grail Knight's health regen benison

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If I’m not mistaken, Waystalker’s hp regen will be capped at half health even if GK’s health regen benison is ongoing. I was just in a game and felt that I was not benefitting from it.

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Waystalkers passive hp regen is capped at half health.
Amaranthe - Kerillian regenerates 3 health every 10 seconds when below half health.
Rejuvenating Locus - Amaranthe also affects the other members of the party.
Beyond half health, you’ll only be getting hp regen from Grail Knight.
Unless I misunderstood the post, everything seems normal here.

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Yeah I meant that my health would not go above half with GK’s health regen benison. I think the restriction to WS’s passive, to cut off her health regen at half hp overrides the health regen from GK

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