Rejuvenating Locus could use a buff

On paper, rejuvenating locus is an interesting talent for a more support-oriented waystalker, but in practice there are some issues that make it hard to justify picking. The halved regeneration makes it painfully slow, but it also still only heals up to 50% health for all players, and on Legend with grimores, even half health isn’t enough to survive a hit from very much. It also shares a talent row with the extremely useful Vaul’s Quiver, which gives you the advantage of never running out of ammo, without any added penalty like Locus comes with. I think some change needs to happen to make it more of a reasonable pick - maybe it can keep the halved regen but allow everyone to heal up to full health instead of half?


I thought it did work to 100% tbh but never tested it cuz, yeah, Vaul’s Quiver. That’s lame.

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If it doesnt, i vote change it to 100% and just 1/2 healing (as it is). agreed, otherwise its a bit lackluster when compared to quiver. I only use it atm for nurgling rot

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So is it actually 50% available total health now? I remember when they first changed that, my main party member tested it and found it goes to 50% base, which with his lack of curse resistance at the time was always.

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