Grail Knight HP regen favor or curse?

Alright, I think I’ll have to address this thing and see what other people think about it.

I am not a fan of this new favor that provides party-wide HP regeneration. From the day one - when I saw the Waystalker’s talent that gives her, or the entire team HP regen - I’ve always been skeptical about permanent HP regeneration in Vermintide.
My personal opinion is that this thing does not belong into the game and affects it in a negative way by giving you and the team way more room for mistakes and throws the “Healing-item management” out of the window.

With Grail Knight you get a free party wide HP regen for what? Picking up a tome or a grim? I just don’t think this is right… It makes the game way more trivial and forgiving.
Maybe if it was something like bonus to THP, or a small AoE chance to not consume healing items on use or something… but full out HP regen passive?
(I will also use this chance to remind everybody that Handmaiden’s passive Ariel’s Benison is still useless and needs rework. Don’t minde me)

Anyways I am curious to know what other people opinion’s are.

PS: The favor list should be smaller tbh, it takes a bit too much space on screen.


I agree. It’s very strong (and rng on top of that).

I understood the description the same way. Like boon of shallya, % on HP gain.

I just played a legend game with 15% power for elites and Health regen for monster on Festering Ground. Got a monster coming out of the tunnels onto the open bit with a log bridge.

I had the talent +50% increase to effects of Vows.
Greatsword + THP on stagger.

I took 2h hammer to deal with armour. Lolz.

Got both buffs before we even got the first tome and absolutely steamrolled through the level. 800 kills, 25k damage, no one else even close. Didn’t need the Hammer as Greatsword with 23%(?) buff to power wrecked everything.

In fact, GK with one of Krubers existing Greatswords is disgustingly overpowered.

The crosswise Ult dealt with hooks in hordes, assassin in horde, Gangs of Zerkers, mixed hordes etc. Big Boss Damage. And so on.

To answer the OP, the health Regen is very overpowered. Coupled with the ability to stagger more things meant I didn’t take any healing once we’d got the first tome. No need. No one Gave AF as they knew their HP would be back soon anyhow. It was like 1.6 all over again.


I think it entirely removes the fear of loosing or risking your HP.
Before GK when I got hit I thought “Damn that was careless, now I will have to be more careful.”
Now with GK in party its just “Heh, who cares it will tick back up in a minute.”

Got a gas cloud? Just run through it, you will get the HP back. Is there a Warpfire thrower or Ratlin shooting at you? Well… don’t worry about carelessly exposing yourself, if you get hit, it will regen anyways.

The core threat that makes the game so interesting (in my opinion) is just gone. No consequences for your actions. No risk, only reward. Just wait for your health to tick back up.

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I mean the healing rate is literally equivalent to giving the whole party nat bond but with no downsides… Yeah it’s a mystery to me how FS thought that would be ok.


With the way described it’s even more than that, the 50% increase is odd, it feels like not only the amount, but the frequency it regenerates seems increased as well.

On another point: the strength potion every 175 kills (party wide like all duties) is also very OP. Think about it: how many of those buggers do you kill on a ‘normal’ legend map? 2k seems like a normal amount (sometimes it’s less). That means 11 strength potions minimum. I felt like being tube-fed strength potions. It’s like having the old ranger vet talent on top of regular GK. It’s even more accentuated on Cata.

I can’t think of the implications for weaves (or maybe even regular play/FoW)…
‘We don’t have regen/the right combination of duties, let’s restart.’ Sounds absolutely horrific. And also ptw, if i’m being honest. He needs some nerfs.


I think it’s balanced. I like it.

I repeat, Nat Bond with no downside for the entire party… Or even stronger regen with talents. Could you maybe elaborate how that is balanced?

Without this kind of advantages, he can’t compare with careers like WHC, Zealot, Shade, WS hagbane…

I don’t currently agree with that statement, but will give it more play time before discussing comparisons like that.

Even it that were true, giving him a free AoE HP regen that pretty much makes every match a risk-free snooze fest is not the way to go.

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Well, it fits great with an holy knight’s style… and I don’t agree that regen makes risk-free every run… but just different opinions, I think.

Another point to consider is that people will eventually get so used to having free HP regen during matches, that they will cry every time a Kruber player isn’t using GK because of said free HP recovery, possibly even kicking them on spot.

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To be fair, Merc has had the most busted support Ultimate since WoM, and people didn’t try to get it changed.

GN loses AS and a Stagger Ult, so I think him having some support that’s different to FK/Merc is fine.

I just realised you can use the GN 2h Sword on FK and Merc. FK is going to be really good with such a versatile weapon.


You aren’t always going to get the HP regen duty, and I think the effect isn’t as OP as the potion spawning one. You will really only notice it in between fighting, and it is taking up what could be a more useful duty.

One question I have is does the grab a grimoire duty reset if you discard a grim, or can you grab one then throw it right away?

You can throw it away, same goes for tome.

On anothe note: I just did some testing and found out why the healing in combination with Virtue of Purity seems op.

It simply is.

It’s not 50% stronger, it is 100% stronger. Regular ‘improve regen’ heals for about 1.25 hp every 8 seconds (every 4th tick is 2 hp). With Virtue of Purity it does the same, but every 4s. This is a bug.
To iron out the problems with GK we need to get bugfixes out first. @Fatshark_Hedge


You sure you’re not just also running it with boon of shallya? I imagine that’d affect the interaction too

Mmm, I thought having a trade-off of needing to carry the grimoire would at least balance it a little bit… Thanks for testing.


You are right, i did! But i did in both tests, so it’s just 1 hp every 8 secs, and 1 hp every 4 secs. Forgot about that. It wouldn’t affect the timer, though.

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To quote myself from five days ago.

15% power buff with the talent to make it 50% more effective is a fairly obscene buff to Power level for the whole party. It pushes the GK from 2 hit a Leech in Melee to 1 hit. (using the Greatsword and built vs Armour and Chaos)

If the HP regen is bugged then that needs fixing before full comment on that, but regen for the whole party possibly stacked on top of NB and Elf healing is also stupid OP.

As a Kruber Main I suspect a lot of polite people will request I change to GK, others will be “GK or Kik” and HS will be a forgotten class.