I'm gonna miss old Vaul's Quiver. Thoughts?

Might honestly just be because I’m a filthy elf main-- despite the name.
But I adored a fine-tuned build that allowed me to fire indiscriminately. I don’t know. Maybe Vaul’s Quiver was a broken mechanic and I’m just not aware of it. Curious as to other opinions–

What’re yours?

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Yep, Vaul’s Quiver was too strong, especially compared to the options. Allowed arrow spam throughout the map without doing anything special. Very rarely was there a reason to pick anything else. In fact, either of the ammo recovery Talents could keep you up pretty easily if you had any control of your trigger finger.

What I’m worried now that there’s still little reason to pick Isha’s Embrace (it’d need also a boost to maximum regen, I think) and that even with the added capacity, the ammo recovery might still be a near-required pick in the last tier. Time will show that one, though, and at least it has some sensible competition.


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