Kerillian - Kurnous' Blessing fix

I understand that Kurnous’ Blessing used to give you back tonnes more ammo than it was meant to, but now that its fixed, I get 8 arrows back when using a longbow. Eight. This just feels really low, and I can’t keep up with Sienna any more, even a small buff up to 25 or 30% would make me happier, but at the moment it feels pretty useless.

Use Vauls Quiver

Take the legendary trait to get ammo back on headshot or crit. Combined with the passive ammo regen, and ammo back on bosses, and I rarely run low on ammo in Champion.

It also helps to know when to switch to your melee weapon (Glaive for Chaos warriors/close in with Stormvermin is amazing) so knowing when to conserve ammo and when to go crazy with it is an actual thing now.

Just my 2c. Been playing on the beta 1.0.5 since it came out and it didn’t really feel like a nerf. More like a correcting of a mistake. Next up is to tone down Sienna just a wee tad (nothing crazy) but that’s another topic…


Sienna also needs a nerf these elf changes are fine. These changes only seem bad compared to beam staff sienna being even more powerful now compared to everything else being nerfed.

Can people please start differentiating between Sienna and her careers? Thank you.

i think we all know its beam staff pyro were talking about , but really as you pretty much never see anything else it feels redundant at this point

Unnecessary there is only one career for Sienna, which is pyro

This. The only real build ever used on Sienna, and used because it can be absurdly strong.

Overhead removal on a very short “F” combined with 4 overheat removal per crit pretty much trivializes any risk/reward play with her as a Pyro. Heck, the 4 overheat removal per crit is pretty much the only real choice on beam staffs due to how strong it is. This could probably be tweaked to 3 overheat removal per crit and STILL be strong. I dunno.

By no means was I meaning to nerf her (Pyro) into oblivion, but it does need some minor tweaks. AT THE SAME TIME, her other 2 classes could use some help bringing them up onto the same level (the same could be said about a lot of subclasses).

I’ve got the headshot ammo trait, which is handy, but I don’t like taking the passive ammo regen, as in my mind I don’t want to be lower than 50% HP, if that makes sense. Ammo back on bosses would replace the increased crit chance (which just got buffed) or the increased headshot damage, both of which I prefer.

Out of interest, whats your full talent selection? I’m in the low end of Champion at the moment, and my build still works - with a lot less spamming now I don’t get half my arrows back - but there’s room for improvement.

Vaul’s Quiver actually works no matter what your health percent is so it’s by far the best talent for that tier.

The crit damage talent got nerfed though, it’s now only active above 45% health instead of 25%. Basically waystalker got pooped on this patch. Meanwhile Pyro continues to be the best at literally everything by far.

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is that so??? i thought they only applied that fix for the party heal.

this is big news for me and will definitely change up my playstyle. thanks

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It was only working below 50% health for a while but they fixed it to always work :slight_smile: it’s awesome now!

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you can use the trait that give you ammo on critical and have max crit chance and a swift bow and i have been going the whole lvl using just a bow and still have tons of ammo on champion difficulty. i would highly recommend you do that as i think thats what they intended for you to rely on instead of a glitch on a perk.

champion difficulty is not a problem. in legend everything takes 2x the amount of arrows to die

I prefer the longbow over the others, the damage output and ability to take out specials quickly from range.

Tried it in legend and its still the same you just have more to shoot idk what the problem is as their is a way to get tons of ammo just the same.
I was literally thinking the same thing as yoh btw when i started playing yesterday morning to find that the perk was not getting me ammo so i looked up to see if a patch was downloaded and i saw the perk was fixed. So i became creative instead of complaining and found the trait and added it with the ammo perk and its all good litterally the same thing.

same, over the weekend i trained with all bows and now the swiftbow is my go to bow of choice. swiftbow>hagbane>longbow for me.

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