Wrong damage calculation

Issue Description:

When I got my first bolter, I thought it was really good, but, when I wanted to improve it (blue to purple, +120 ilvl + 1 armor rendering), I noticed that I did much less damage (on the meat grinder and in game)

exemple :
350 dmg on mauler first shot, with the purple bolter
600 dmg on mauler first shot, with the blue one

On armored ogryn I have the same dps with the blue one WHITOUT volley fire than the purple one WITH volley fire (no miss, full body)


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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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If this game had REAL stats for weapons and not some random bars this kind of stuff would be better to understand. lol

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Can you rename it to “Wrong damage calculation”?
It reads as you think the Bolter is OP but it is not and you will be marked as a heretic if you think so.


My laser rifle also does more damage when im further away from my target. Is that intended?