Weapon stats Long Range & Short Range Damage

Issue Description:
Wrong weapon stats
Lasguns (except Recon Lasgun)
and bolter do have their Long range and short range stats reversed.
they do much higher damage on long range than short range by nearly 100%+ .

Steps to Reproduce:
Press I
Ranged weapons
Press V on weapon
Hover mouse on Damage & Stopping power


Player ID:

Upload Supporting Evidence:
For some Reason MG Variants Lasgun (Semi-auto) do have weird damage over range.

here is a Kantarel MG Ia variant, the normal variant.

Here is also a Kantarel MG XII Variant (DMR Variant)
Same issue, its doing more damage on long range than short range.

Here is an example shooting a Maniac , doing high damage on Long Range.

Shooting Maniac on short range is doing less damage.

Intended behaviour.

sure intended behavior as for all Lasguns? (excluding recon).
cause autoguns, even head hunter works normally.

the bolter do share same thing just with normal damage, and not with penetration.

that they do even worse damage than their normal value, 80% out of their damage.

The Lasguns are designed that way so you are rewarded for fighting at a distance.
Bolter is because in canon the bolter rounds accelerate with gyrojet rockets after being fired.

at current stats , its punishing at close range. and rewarding at long range

Damage vs Unarmored 84% (Some specials weak points are unarmored)
Damage vs Infested 84%

doing less than normal damage at 100%.

It’s to make it so that weapons that are designed for long range use aren’t just really good at close range, too. It’s for balance.