Write your funniest V2 moment

#Simply wrte your funiest v2 moment :smiley:

Mine: Yesterday we enjoying smooth and chill champion run at Into the Nest map, no much suprises regular champ run with decent group just no ammo on almost entire map, after we killed final boss smoothly, we proceed with grims and tomes onto final lift platform to finish the mission. After lift raises, 2x gass rats spawned and throwed 2 bombs into lift basket… we lost our grims, luckyl one of us survived on like 10% hp and finished them. It was so lol situations, sad I didnt recorded it :smiley:

Thats how our emperor chest turned into something slightly better than paesant chest :smiley:


The pic explains it all


One night me and some buddies were drinking and playing, having a blast. We were trying to do some legend deed that was stupid hard, kept trying and failing, after maybe 15x wiping we decided to go play some regular Legend for a break.

So we started a Legend quickplay, and we were absolutely ROCKING it. Nailing everything, not taking much damage, just generally being awesome. We did a full book run and it felt easy. Spirits were high as we congratulated ourselves repeatedly, thinking that all those runs on the insane Legend deed must have really sharpened us up. LOOK AT US WE’RE SO GOOD AT THIS GAME.

And then, the mission ended, and the notice popped up “Completed mission on Veteran”… apparently the host had accidentally selected Veteran difficulty and we were all too drunk to realize that everything was way too easy.

So after that we did one of legend and promptly got our butts kicked once again. XD


When I realized the bots play better than the players.


You posted this in the feedback forums. You may have noticed all the salty and vehement titles.

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Well, getting greeted by two Gunners on full auto after stepping through the portal in Skittergate was quite fun.

I always have a nice laugh when Gutter Runners decide to take flying lessons.

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Into the nest mission - playing with a friend and two random people. The only anti-armor we had was my bright mage. We had bad luck and were all wounded by the time we got to the boss. 3 people wiped on the boss leaving only me. I finish the boss and get on the lift. When I get to the top, I kill the gunner that spawned, but the assassin got me - around 10 feet away from the rest of the group.


Had one run on convocation of decay where suddenly horde music started playing. We were in a nice dead end hallway so we all took up positions with our ranged weapons aimed at the door: ironbreaker with flamethrower, beam Pyro, longbow elf and Kruber with repeater. We waited… And waited… And waited some more, but nothing was coming.

Just when we were about to give up, one lone gutter runner came frolicking into our hallway. I swear he stopped dead in his tracks for a moment when he saw us… And then we all opened fire at the same time. Gutter runner absolutely obliterated!

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Engaged SV patrol on Fort Bra****brucke early, near first tome. No grenades and stuff. Doing some damage to them as we can (BH, Pyro, Iron, Hunt) then mage with overheat goes into them and explodes. Most of SV’s dies from it. 10/10 allahu akbar

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Baiting gutter runners onto team mates always gives me a good chuckle. So does making them jump into walls or airborne.

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We were going to do some crazy hard Legend deed but our Unchained Wizard was AFK. We got tired of waiting around and push-nudged him all the way to the bridge of shadows so we could start the game, the plan was to keep slowly nudging him along and protect him until he came back.

Unfortunately the deed was 2x strong elites and instadeath on knockdown and we weren’t paying great attention, so we got wiped in the first horde.

The best part? The AFK Wizard got the most kills out of all of us, because their damage taken went to overcharge and they detonated taking out a chunk of the horde!

(screenshot shows the wrong avatar for her, this is from awhile ago when it would sometimes not update when someone switched careers)


“Hold it steady!”

When a stormfiend aced assassin school.

Our first successful Legend run was on Into the Nest. After the boss fight, and after the lift, we were greeted by one hook rat and three ratling gunners who were spun up and ready before the lift even entered the station. The panic was very real.

While doing Festering Grounds, I was standing guard while another teammate was making the run destroying the infection sacks. Without any warning, my camera gets ripped into 3rd person as a hook rat, silent as the night, grabs and drags me through a similarly stealthy gun rat already full blast. Foot Knight Kruber was brought from full health to half health in a matter of moments.

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I dont have a picture of it but i was running helmgart champion while grinding, my team made it quite smoothly towards the end of it all where you were to enter the cathedral…but there was a twist.

Down by the ammo box we got the horde music but only one wave before it went quiet, we stopped for a good while but since nothing came i moved up towards the doors and went around the corner to enter the church.

My face got greeted by over 50 attacks at once from enemies that had gotten stuck on each other trying to pass the corner, i got straight up annihilated and the Bardin who tried to save me got the same deal to his face.

I was at the time trying to recover from the proverbial heart attack and near case of shitting myself in fright.:neutral_face:

Rotblood army sends it’s greetings.

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The funniest thing is seeing how broken the game still is for a full price title not in early access.

You consider $30usd a full price title? I am so used to paying $60, that i see VT2 as an amazing deal for the price, knowing that it will eventually be perfected by FS. Idk, imo, i am much more willing to give FS space and benefit of the doubt since it was not $60 (Battlefront 2, destiny 2, coming to mind).

As for OP: I would say i always stop and laugh when i see assassins leaping at players and missing and flying off edges to their deaths. Take that you little bastards :smiley:


I agree with Margicks there was games who costed me like 100 euros (with season passes) and wasnt even near good as V2… and to be honest for long time I didnt enjoyed in some game like I enjoy in V2…devs totaly got me with this game.
I love their RNG director which can cook you really funny situations.


“full price”

full hypocrisy

Legend Run… full grims…


We beat the Boss, got the dice, the Shade got jammed up on a couple left over mobs… while we were at the exit point of the Arena, all three of us stacked up there… waiting on him.

I whip out my Volley and shoot down a couple surrounding him and WHOOMP… suddenly all three of us are downed in one shot.

Apparently Two Chaos Maulers had jumped off the ledge behind us and overheaded all three of us with their cleave.

Took out all three of us, then the mob spam took out the Shade.

I was like… oh you can’t be serious…

Was more disgusted at the time to have come that far with so much and lost it at the end because we let up for just a split second, but still…

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