Wrath on Power Sword

As far as I know Power Sword doesn’t have Wrath available to it, but 2 of my friends got Wrath on their power sword. (And its version of Wrath is much better than on any other weapon)

Is this a change that wasn’t mentioned in patch notes?

One of my oldest power swords has wrath, but it didn’t used to be 40% on hit. The patch notes “describe” wrath from the crafting update but named it savage sweep, but that’s the blessing that gives cleave on hitting 3 or targets. Not sure why they decided to buff this blessing.

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Lovely, guess FS just got the name wrong on the patch notes then

When they buffed Rampage they forgot the blessing is also on power sword, because its still using old values there.

I believe this is intended but perhaps missing from the notes. I’ll seek clarification.

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