Cleave Blessing T3 Powersword

Could you Guys check that one?
Its very inconsistent…
Doesnt like changing attacks at all

*It stacks sometimes only after multiple hits and not from the beginning… (light attack)
*Doesnt stack at all (heavy attack)
*Does go away instantly if you you change to Special attack for example, sometimes not
*Its so freakin short you cant swithc heavy to light and vice versa
*Uptime is really short if you stop (immediately)

So maybe its a Ui thing aswell, but the icon is popping in and out all over the place when using Powersword with it

Adding to this, the Wrath blessing actually appears to want “Chained Hits” rather than just “hits”. It doesn’t gain a stack on the first hit because it’s technically not a chained hit, then gains one on each subsequent chained hit. If you block or active the weapon’s special attack, or wait too long, it resets since it breaks the chain.

Either the wording fails to specify “chained hit” correctly, or it incorrectly uses chained hit when it’s supposed to use regular hits. Bugged either way.

Testing on a Mk3 Power Sword that happens to have Wrath IV, I can go from lights to heavies while maintaining stacks fine, however.

i can confirm , true.

must be doing the chain attacks the weapon have or it does not work.

which makes the blessing even bad, even after they change the text.

as it disappears to fast, and require certain pattern to work.

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