Wizard losing health

I think it’s a bit excessive that she loses health when cleansing. The whole point of her heating up is that she needs to cleanse or will begin losing health from overheating. In my opinion she shouldn’t lose health from cleansing.
Was also curious if anyone was from xbox, or are all the replies from pc?

Clearing overcharge does neet to come with some kind of drawback. Sienna can virtually infinity-cast as it is now, anyhow.


Actually it isnt Really necessary… it works like that for me:

Press F
Press F
Press F etc…

Battlewizard is so mich fun with it…

Or just use it like this:

1 loaded attack
1 loaded attack
R etc

Works fine in unchained to Not zu Waste your Ultimate , because of your passiv… (flamethrower recommended)



wow someone is salty…

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Others said it already, but I’ll elaborate: Sienna has four ways of dissipating heat already (and Unchained has a fifth). There’s passive dissipation, which needs none of player’s attention. There’s active venting, the one you have a gripe with, that uses health but is fast on high heat, and can actually use temp health instead of permanent. The cost is not that great either. There’s weapon Trait, which can also be quite ridiculous (still) on Pyromancer and certain staffs because of her increased crit rate. And there are the lv25 Talents (and Unchained’s Career Skill directly) that, in my opinion, nearly trivialize heat on Pyro and BW. _Burning a bit of your health, and temporary at that, is a small price to pay for one method of removing heat, especially when you have several other methods available. If anything, the other active methods need less effectiveness or a price attached.


I only play Sienna, and find the vent mechanic logic.
However, I hate how little health pool she has, compared to any other character/class. Why such drawback ?!
I won’t do better, but equal… just I have less health. Nonsense.

Less health ?
Wiki no agree :stuck_out_tongue:
100 HP for BW and Pyro (same as a lot of careers)
150 HP for Unchained (same as IB or FK for example)

…WUT ?
2 hits and I’m left with ~1/10 of my life. I don’t see that happening with any other ppl I play with…
(I’m getting a little tired of VT2, kinda grumpy right now,I might say stupid things, but still, I noticed this since te official launch, so who knows ? :o )

Since when has she ever started “losing health” from overheat , she slows down and could ultimately blow up and die yes but never lose health .

The mechanic is fine and its a kind of checks and balance thing for Sienna.
Also…losing health with overheat? Hows about you die if you let the overheat bar get full.
Also, BW and Pyro have same health as a lot of other careers(100 base hit points).

The less enemies targetting you when hit, the more damage you receive. Hence why 1 little grunt can be more dangerous then a whole pack.

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she does loose health when she enters overheated mode. it quickly ticks down during the phase where you are about to explode.

Well actually, I could have only 1hp at start, it wold be ok if that damn weapon switch delay was solved. This thing drives me absolutly maaaaaaaaad ! It can take up to 1sec for the game to switch weapons, or to trigger the parade. And sometimes I try to inovate and slice my enemies instead buuuuuuut ghost hit NOPE you take shot right in the face.

On topic : as Sienna, we don’t need to refill the ammo, so it needs some counterpart.

No, was just giving my personal opinion on the matter , but thanks for the response.

Yea I understand that, I just think it’d make more sense if she lost health from getting more and more overheated overtime rather than losing health from cleansing.

My reply was simply directed to Onza, who was saying she doesn’t lose health from overheating. ^^

So you flag my post? kek… it wasn’t meant to be an insult, just a funny meme. Chill bro.

In all seriousness, the mechanic works absolutely fine. It helps balance her massive damage output. And once you get her geared up properly, you should really never even hit 60%+ overcharge unless you’re doing something wrong. The weapon trait that remove 4 overcharge on every crit is pretty damn strong. With the beam staff, you can wiggle the crosshair over enemies heads and nearly every time it makes contact with the enemies head again, it will crit and remove your overcharge. Not to mention it recharges your ult so you can spam out burning heads, a good pyro can throw a burning head every 10-15 seconds or so.

I’ve seen other pyros use the weapon trait where crits remove time from their ult. Then they use the lvl 25 talent to remove all overcharge when the ult is used. It’s very effective on pyro because the higher her overcharge, the more she naturally crits anyway. Then you can stack crit on your trinket and staff as well for even more crits.

With the lvl 20 talent, you get temp HP from kills. Once you have this, you are literally unstoppable. You can just use temp HP to vent after using the beam staffs right click and shotgun blasting everything away from you. This is probably the only class that can run directly into a horde and instantly kill the entire horde with just a few clicks. After that, throw a burning head and get back all your temp HP that you vented.

After rereading your OP. I can see you’re from xbox? So I’m assuming you just started playing. You’ll get the class down after you put a few hours into it.

I should’ve been more specific , my apologies . I meant she doesn’t lose health during high heat (which is the phase i thought the op was referring to) , the “overheat” (exploding phase) is pretty Irrelevant because you’re gonna blow up and die anyway so who cares about the small hp tick loss prior to that

Usually, yes, not much to care about.

Unless you’re running the “vent all heat” talents, in which case you can use your ult to clear all heat even if “exploding”. (regardless of career) That’s when that matters ^^
Fringe case though, I know.

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