Sienna overcharge management - unchained


the unchained career is very fun, but the need to block attacks to reduce your overcharge feels too passive.
ofc you can actively trade your health for it by venting, but if you want to keep your health, you can just stand there holding block and hope stuff attacks you.

i would ask you to consider to allow pushing to vent overcharge as well. i think many ppl would enjoy a more active and regularly useable way (apart from just using the active ability) to get rid of overcharge without having to invest health.

thx for reading.

Between having the highest effective maximum health, no increased burst risks from carrying grimoires, level 20 talents and having the best potential to run natural bond, unchained can vent without any concern about her health. She is fine as it is and a perfectly balanced careers, with a decent talent tree even (except for level 25)


or you can come at a storm vermin/chaos warrior/boss,take the full blow and enjoy all your overcharge gone…If you could vent with pushes then you could just additional stamina and stamina regen and push the air to vent free of charge. Sorry,but no.

I suggest searching for threads tagged with Unchained and read some of the suggestions and comments there.

Additionally, building block cost reduction and maybe some stamina regeneration effectively makes you immortal at higher level of overheat. I do not think blocking makes you passive. Blocking can serve many purposes, including removing all or half of your overcharge when blocking heavy attacks.

Additionally, as another Unchained main put it very well, you should think of your HP bar as more or less a disposable resource and your overheat bar as your actual HP. Venting for Unchained is a core mechanic and makes her incredibly versatile. I’m sure some other Unchained mains will echo these sentiments.

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I have a couple of unchained legend gameplay on my youtube channel, maybe watching them will help you to understand how unchained should be played

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id vote no thanks!
i know not many of us play her more melee focused but for us the issue is maintaining the overcharge , it drops too fast already

only thing i think she wants (rather than strictly needs) is some interesting melee weapons

Yo, your comments in the beginning of the video on the bolt staff’s headshot multiplier relative to the beam staff are absolutely spot on. It is stupid and needs to be looked at.

that’s not my voice, that’s HN. also I don’t think hes right on it being higher on beam, but not sure. IMO bolt needs a few minor buffs and beam is in a good spot atm

My testing (about a week ago) showed that the beam staffs headshot/crit multiplier on both armoured and unarmoured enemies is significantly higher than the bolt’s right click. Which just feels wrong for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I’m rocking the fireball staff now and that feels great. I do still love my bolt though. Just needs a small damage buff on right click imo.

All the staves are playable on legend, but bolt is the only one that doesn’t have a niche/performs poorly in it’s niche. IMO it should be the long range anti armor staff, as currently Sienna doesn’t really have any proper anti-armor tools outside of mace. But this is a discussion for another thread

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Regarding maximum health, I remember reading somewhere that the numerical value for her overcharge meter is something like 60. With 150 hp, if assuming damage is taken very quickly (a single hit or globes on legend), it would actually only take 120 damage to down her (via explosion) which makes that extra 30 hp useless. Of course, she is great for attrition-type damage, but stuff like globes really screw her because she can’t block that.

I’d like to see a new melee weapon specific to Unchained that can do something like drain overcharge on a charged attack proportional to the number of targets hit, and set said enemies on fire. As it is, she’s pretty good, but the way she interacts with overcharge now feels a little passive considering she is supposed to be the melee-focused career and yet a good Unchained will be generating overcharge mainly from her staff.

PS: If someone could confirm the overcharge numbers, that would be great.

I think the base overcharge is 40, plus she has that level 5 talent (which is must have IMO) that increases it by 25%, so 50 (effectively making it 100hp). I’m not sure if her level 15 talent that reduces overcharge gained affects it, but even if it doesn’t it’s actually better than 100hp, since it seems she has some sort of hidden passive that caps the amount of overcharge you can gain at once. Many attacks that instantly down 100hp careers only get her to about 70-80% overcharge. also it seems like in many cases you will arrive exactly at max overcharge minus 1, so there is some sort of “1 extra hit” mechanic in place as well. globes do indeed screw her as they deal damage multiple times in smaller batches, so they effectively ignore these mechanics

In my tests the base overcharge is 50. Taking 100 hp (SV hit) gives 50hp damage to health and fills overcharge. If you have a source or test please share.

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