With this year of rat event, a new character is confirmed!

2020 is the year of the rat, and we know it.

But a bit less known is that there’s a 12 year cycle of the five element that always start with the year of the rat.

And this 12 year cycle (beginning right now in 2020) is based on Metal.

Which means the new character is obviously a Chamon disciple. A magister of the Gold Order.


In the Empire of Man, the Golden Order (or just the Gold Order) is comprised of those Magisters who study and embrace the Yellow Wind of Magic, Chamon. The Gold Wizards are also commonly referred to as “Alchemists.” Chamon is attracted to metals in both ore and refined forms. The heavier the element or metal, in its natural state or otherwise, the more Chamon is drawn to it.


In terms of Vermintide, it would be unique BUT with many careers (and weapons) possibilities.

This new mage doesn’t PLAY like any another Mage. So it’s not a reskinned Sienna, it would be far more control.

Some possibilities of metal magic and alchemy are “summoning weapons”, “turning ennemies into various metal during seconds”, “reinforcing weapons or armor”, “using various potions”, “rustying armored enemies”.

It also makes sense lore wise. And there’s event already some dialogue about thoses mages.

Cosmetics wise, there’s also a freakin’ lot of possibilities of masks here.

So it makes sense.

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Is this on the same “confirmation” level as the vampire character thingy?


C’mon vampire character is based on nothing. Lore wise it makes no sense.
Here, it’s based on the chinese year, something that’s way more real !
Why do you think Tencent did buy a bit of Fatshark ?

Keep in mind that Sienna’s careers except Unchained aren’t that different. Giving her a 4th career out of all the characters makes the most sense.

Not mutally exclusive. (also 4th career to 5 characters means 5 new careers opposed to 3 new careers for a new character, which will have new base weapons that won’t make a balancing nightmare =p)

honor is all chivalry is all. I want Bretonnian hero. He can have Questing knight , Herrimault and foot squire as career

FS announced (at least) “one new career for one character” for the end of 2020?! and you talk about a whole new character (that includes 3 careers, a whole new bunch of weapons and staffs, a new model/skins and implementation + skins etc.) :grin: It would be nice to see smth new and “shiny” but I guess that’s more of wet Warhammer-nerd dream if you take FS working speed into account.

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They have 12 years until it’s not metal anymore =p

Do you mean Kruber with new skins and new voices ?

but that’s the way how vt2 did. one for default, other for dealer and last for tanker.

you mean 2 years right?

I’m not that much into it but I can use google atleast: WIKI :sweat_smile:
Actually I’m kinda sad it’s not 12 since there would be a realistic chance to see it comming.

wasn’t that end of 2019? i remembered that they said it end of year at 2019 twitch if i correct

“for the end of next year”. Clip is from october 2019. Means 2020 (at least by my logic :grimacing: )

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The rat stays “metal” for 12 years, until the rat does come back again.

Ohh now i get it, well next year is ox, that could count as beastmen so they might have a bonus year until 2033 :thinking:

That probably means more armored units added to beastmens. But it’s right after the magister of the gold order !

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I knew they are going to add a new career, not a new character… Anyway pretty cool idea.

I also want a Bretonnian knight character. But we needs to think on how to make him different from Kruber. Right now Kruber is a kind of filling the roles that knights normally fill, hence a Bretonnian character would need to be spinned in some interesting direction and have careers that are different from Kruber’s.

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Yeah, when considering a new character we really need to get something different from the current roster. By my count, if we continue getting melee weapons in new dlcs, then the best bet for a new character would be another type of magic user or something that introduces new mechanics and maybe also uses magic, like a vampire or something. Chances are if the game does indeed turn out to be a 10 year project like they’ve said it’ll be, then we’re likely to get at least one new character I’d say. But what do I know, I’m just some random fellow on the internet.

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Better be able to cast final transmutation…

Just no

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