Witch Hunter Captain pinging Crashes game

The game crashes when I’m playing WHC and ping an enemy. This happens when I ping a testing dummy as well. I press “t” to ping and my game freezes and crashes.
I have tried replicating the crash with other Saltzpyre careers and it is just WHC that crashes the game. Other characters also do not crash the game.
A friend has tried replicating the crash as well and he has had no problems with it.
I am not using any mods at the time of these crashes.

Here is the crash report that I got:

GUID: c8511d3c-7f43-4243-b2ae-7476e3635190
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …sions/default_player_unit/ping/ping_target_extension.lua:65: attempt to index local ‘side’ (a nil value)

I can see you have mods enabled in the logs produced. This is mod-related, Bot Improvements - Combat . :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you! I can play today just fine.

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