Pinging crashes

Whenever I ping something, enemy or item, be it in a map or in the keep, the game crashes.

Error Log:

GUID: 21875e58-403c-4da6-b737-78c7be218494
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …sions/default_player_unit/ping/ping_target_extension.lua:65: attempt to index local ‘side’ (a nil value)

Do you happen to have the mod for improved Bots on? Or any mods? If you do, turn them off.

At least for me turning the mods off stopped crashing the game in this situation.

Whoops, was going to mention that I thought I had turned off all mods but turns out that setting did not save!

TL;DR, turn off your mods, folks. Thanks.

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