Bots in the Thaal’s Keep (again)

Just posting that this bug happened to me. I know there was one posted similar to this, although this happened after normal match of Engines Of War. Most players left very early after game finished (around point when victory showed up), so that might have something to do. I was not a host.
Bots had items I have had last time I played with those characters. When bot fell out of map I had black screen for a moment, similar to one I have when my character fall out of map.

Eventually, I got crash with this info:

GUID: a9fa7e67-8c7a-43e9-9e1e-da9ded81a542
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/entity_system/systems/volumes/volume_system.lua:166: attempt to index field ‘nav_tag_volume_handler’ (a nil value)

Sounds like a blessing do they banter!?

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