Stuck at the end of the game

Hi, after patch 1.2 on live.
My friend can’t even finish a game because he constantly stuck after victory and all teammates stuck at black screen.He alt+F4 the game,and then the game crash.

And we kept trying to find what cause this issue.We try different maps, heroes, with/without mods, solo/multiplayer.All these method,he still stuck at the end.
So I told him to send me the GUID and console.log after repeatly strucking and crashing.

Here was what he got after solo then crash

GUID: 1620ae52-0a86-4d73-b99b-036154e0c94a
Log File: 
Info Type: 
[Script Error]:  scripts/managers/backend_playfab/playfab_request_queue.lua:132: attempt to index local 'entry' (a nil value)
[Crash Link]:

[ Console.log ]
console-2018-09-13-13.35.09-4C9CB364-EBE0-4500-AA00-C42E.log (205.5 KB)

And multiplayer

GUID: b05cb85a-f935-4167-9697-3cd4a8c9845d
Log File: 
Info Type: 
[Script Error]:  scripts/game_state/state_ingame_running.lua:533: attempt to index local 'profile' (a nil value)
[Crash Link]:

[ console.log ]
console-2018-09-13-13.58.09-6B00209E-8062-4FED-B2D7-0044.log (467.8 KB)

[ DxDiag ]
DxDiag.txt (29.4 KB)

I sincerely hope you can fix this problem,because my friend and I love this game so much,thank you.
i’m apologized if this post is hard to read because my English is not very fluent.

We’re actively looking in to this issue. Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

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